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I'm a Finnish fanficcer and University student. I write stuff occasionally. The best way to find my works is on AO3: [archiveofourown.org profile] ExtraPenguin . I also have a tumblr: [tumblr.com profile] extra-penguin. I can also be found as ExtraPenguin on #thegoblinemperor and #yuletide on SlashNET. I'm a ze. (Other gender-non-specific pronouns, from they to bunself to keyboard smash, are also fine.)

I mod the [community profile] space_swap and [community profile] coronationceremony exchanges as well as the past few iterations of the Bujold Fest.

Transformative works: I give blanket permission to remix, podfic, make fanart of, etc. any of my fics, provided that you list it as a related work on AO3 or otherwise make me aware of the result.

Main Fandoms For Which I've Produced Stuff:
Vorkosigan Saga (Lois McMaster Bujold)
The Goblin Emperor (Katherine Addison)
Honor Harrington series (David Weber)

I've also written the first english-language Yoko Tsuno fic on AO3 and some other one-off stuff. All of it's on AO3, even the stuff prompted and originally posted on Tumblr, DreamWidth, or #thegoblinemperor on SlashNET.

My fandoms are near-exclusively SF novels. Other interests include horses, feminism (in the non-Tumblr-SJW, non-academic way), symphonic metal, vicariously experiencing emotions via the rants of others, stroking my hateboners for some things, and writing origfic.

If I do socially step on your toes/kick you in the face, please tell me so that I can not repeat it. Asperger's means I missed all the social cue stuff growing up.

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fandoms, a nonexhaustive listing of sorts – awareness more than participation )
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  • ENTROPY. It increases constantly.
  • Relatedly, the eventual heat death of the universe.
  • One day, the Sun will expand into a red giant.
  • Needles.
  • What if the universe just keeps expanding forever, never to bring forth a Big Crunch that might set forth a new Big Bang and thus potential for life?
  • What if aliens don't exist and we're alone in the universe?
  • Like seriously, the laws of thermodynamics. One is playing a game where one can only lose? And we can't quit?

Ah well.
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I appear to have actually done it.

The target: a guy who actually respected my opinions and wanted to hear me out (this part is mandatory, I think), probably had Asperger's, and was the son of a person in the anti-gay marriage league (so his opinion was at least partly hereditary).

(I mention the Asperger's because I think that without it, he'd have got the "gays are bad" part that is the unacknowledged backdrop of most anti-gay marriage sentiment. As-is, the papered-on-top excuse objections were his actual objections.)

How I actually did it: in a chat program I, in as noncombative a way as possible, explained my position, and gently informed him that his concerns on gay couples' kids were wrong (research round-up) and also I side-eye the "but the definition of marriage is ~Christian~" position, since no-one complains hugely about or constantly proposes a new term for civil weddings.

Evidence that I did it: he dropped the issue and shortly removed the "marriage = man + woman" page from his likes on FB.

It is a heady feeling, to know that people can change for the better and know that one has caused that oneself. So, uh, there's your daily positivity. I should probably feed myself.
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So, if you have something you've got to do that is even remotely time-sensitive, just set an alarm.

This piece of wisdom brought to you by me doing an unavoidable thing outside the house with hours to spare, then getting kidnapped by friends who wanted for me to have fun. (Don't worry, I've recovered almost completely!) Otherwise fine, but I ended up opening the Space Swap collection two hours late (sorry everyone) in a fast food place's washroom (that had run out of toilet paper). (Other piece of advice: remember to eat before you get to the "I am unsure whether I am going to faint, cry, or bite someone's head off, yet I am utterly and totally Zen about it" phase.)

Also, consider going to sleep before 4 am. It's as if I'm drunk without the fun parts.
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I do not regret reading it, even if it did end up in a rather dark place. What bothered me the most was the sheer hetness of the thing: Diziet Sma's "ahh yess I had a nice time with THE MENZ – not the laydeez, the MENZ" and just the reminders that the main characters were het, every time there was a sort of sexual situation, and a lot of them sort of rubbed me the wrong way. Just ... have the characters be het and engage in hetsex, no need to go all Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today about it.

small amount of spoilers )

Skaffen-Amtiskaw is a treasure.
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WBEX reveals are here! link

My giftfic the most perfectest thing:
A Century of Savvy Travelers: A Look Back at the GSST Project, 100 Years On (G, gen, 5.8k)
It's a retrospective book thingy with multiple travelogue excerpts in different styles and it's AMAZING. Words cannot describe how much I like it!

Periwinkle, Daffodil (T, multi, 2.4k, TGE)
This in-universe book review is well worth the read just for the descriptions of the books. (Also, I want that cape.)

Policies of the Dynasty (G, gen, 2.7k, TGE)
A look into the succession laws and such that made Maia Emperor. Features a deserved shutdown of Chavar.

Child of Ulis (T, gen, 7.9k, TGE)
An excellently-written look at pre-canon Thara Celehar, when he chooses his life of prelacy.
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Nominees are up. Here are my thoughts on each of the short stories, apart from the Castalia House one. Grading out of five, where
0 = this is a terrible piece of shit
1 = I didn't click at all and wish for that time back
2 = You Tried, but not my thing
3 = okay enough, could be someone else's 4 or 5
4 = a good story that I engaged with
5 = mind=blown, excellent

The City Born Great, NK Jemisin
First up, a story in the genre of Psychological Weird Magical Realism WTF. The metaphors were florid, and I didn't click with the emotional beats of the story at all.

A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers, Alyssa Wong
Exactly the same emotional core as above, except with a different plot. Slightly better, if only because I like weather more than cities.

Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies, Brooke Bolander
I liked the use of formatting, but this is essentially issuefic with a Psychological Weird Magical Realism WTF veneer. At least it's shorter than the above two.

Seasons of Glass and Iron, Amal El-Mohtar
Okay, this is issuefic, too, but the experimenting on the binding magic and the femslash ending have me forgive a lot. Also, the fairytale grounding makes it more straightforward mythic than Weird Magical Realism.

That Game We Played During the War, Carrie Vaughn
ACTUAL SCIENCE FICTION. It's got some nice telepath worldbuilding and has clearly thought war with teeps through more than the average telepath-writing author. The complex feels, opaque to the narrator, transparent to everyone else, and the weary yet hopeful atmosphere mean it's the best of the pack.
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Some SF classics that I've missed (like, all the women authors save Le Guin, whose The Left Hand of Darkness I seriously bounced off of) are freely available online! I'll make this a semi-regular feature, since why the hell not. Minor spoilers in the cuts.

Today, it's James Tiptree, Jr (Alice Sheldon) time.

Love is the Plan the Plan is Death is a rather litficcy short story. Read more... )

The Women Men Don't See is ... hard to describe. Read more... )

All in all, more confusing than anything and not especially meaty by themselves. Very litficcy and mostly up to interpretation.


1 Apr 2017 17:56
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Municipal elections: I voted. The official date is 9.4., but Finland is a first-world nation where things are done sort of reasonably, thus early voting exists and they have a temp voting station at the University, so.

(How early voting happens in Finland: one turns up at any of the voting stations in one's municipality, presents ID, writes a number on a slip of paper when hidden from eyes, presents ID and folded-over slip of paper to officiant who seals it in an envelope, signs a slip that says "I voted, this vote is mine", watches officiant place that and prior envelope into a larger envelope – and then one is free to sod off.)

In more personal news, I am rediscovering charcoal and its joys. (Its one drawback is that fixative smells terrible and must be sprayed outside, but hey.) I've also compiled quite a poetry text file over the past few months – mostly freeform, but some villanelles and sestinas sprinkled through. I'm wondering whether I should try to self-publish it sometime. Or just share it with people under my real name, as a sort of "look I can do creative things" calling card.
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Here's my [community profile] jukebox_fest letter! Requesting fanfic for all. Likes, DNWs, and prompts beneath the cut. Read more... )
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Blood oranges are delightful. They've got the citrusy tang of regular oranges, but are juicier and have a more multi-note flavor profile. They're also currently in season and cheapish. (If given the chance, I eat like 2/3 kg per day, lol. At least I'm getting enough vitamin C?)

I'm also on a poetry kick currently. Here's one I wrote some time ago. So, any of y'all want me to write a poem? I can do freeform, sestinas, and villanelles and mayybe a sonnet, and promise to try anything more exotic you want to throw at me. Fandom topic poems are hard, but something about stuff like "rain" or "your opinion on global warming" or w/e should work!

You are no summer’s days.

You, you erupt onto my tongue with sweet bitterness
Come apart in my fingers
Taste of ecstasy

And you, you envelope me into your intoxicating embrace
Give me sweet comfort
It is dawn when you are done.

What need have I for anything more?
I have a blood orange and darkness.
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In honor of Pi Day (you know how Americans do dates Wrong? There, 13.4. is 3/14, which resembles 3.1415..., aka pi) I have chosen to make a post.

Compulsory Scientific Writing Torture: almost done, albeit way behind schedule, oops. (Had I actually received any useful advice at all, I think I'd have made my December deadline.) At least I now know to start the next project earlier.

Goals: sleep, succeed.

Funnily enough, I'm loads happier in the new place. Must be the lack of pipe clonking. Trying to touch base with friends.

How to get friends: feed them. How to maintain friendships: feed them. Acceptable friends gatherings: "Hey come let's make food and eat it!" I think that food is just such an integral part of how humans bond that feeding people tugs their heartstrings.

(Still needed: romantic life partner. Physical contact is sadly lacking in my life.)
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Here's my letter! Kerbal Space Program, Uplift, and Original Works, fanfic for all, plus fanvid for KSP.

Read more... )
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I've rediscovered Delain and their new album, Moonbathers, is very pretty. A bit melancholy and slowish, but beautiful. I especially like "Suckerpunch". I've also grown to appreciate The Human Contradiction better – "Tell Me Mechanist", "Don't Let Go", etc.

It's a bit too bright outside for Rammstein's "Sonne", which is prime winter solstice music.

Last week, I was feeling very much under the weather, but then I Did Things With Visible Impact (and acquired a crush that might even be reciprocated) and I'm feeling much better. If all else fails, I just have to think about the vacuum chamber at work. It's amazing.

I've also discovered the Wikiquote page for Wolfgang Pauli, which has some A+ quotes:
This is to show the world that I can paint like Titian. [A big drawing of a rectangle] Only technical details are missing.
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Here is my letter. First, some general likes and DNWs, then for each fandom, the kinks requested and some prompts/starting points/favorite dynamics for each pairing. If I have top/bottom or dom/sub preferences – or other notes – they're there between the pairing name and prompts. Canon-specific notes are after the kinks and before the pairings. At the end, I've defined the kinks requested as I define them, with some notes on preferences.

Vorkosigan, TGE, KOTOR2, Uplift )
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The Friendship Day letters have been posted. (If you'd like your own, there's still time: I'll only close it on Saturday.) Because I am a poor student, they're second-class, so let's hope they make it over in time for Christmas.

I'm also testing the new Create Entries page now. It's nicely customizeable, except that it is New and Different and thus inspires ???? feels in me. So far, the only real problem is that I want the comment box and (optional) the stuffs sidebar to be the other way round.
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In Finland, we don't have Valentine's Day. Instead, on the 14th of February, we have ystävänpäivä, Friend's Day, where people give their friends chocolate and whatever. In honor of that, and since I didn't get to send too many cards or any tea around Christmas, here is a form for those who want a card from yours truly.

The link. Only I get to see the responses, and you can to the Initial Surname format if you don't want to give out your full name.

I'll do the first batch over the weekend, and then next weekend and the one after that. Hopefully, they'll get there before April.
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In my quest to document every piece of Trinary of the Uplift saga, I came across David Brin's website. I then began to read.

Previously, I thought Mr. Brin was but a typical dude SF author, with the occasional good idea and an undercurrent of sexism – albeit a cut above the rest in storytelling. (Startide Rising is one of my favorite books. The first few chapters of The Postman bored me to tears until I quit.)

Now, I discover that my estimation of Dr. Brin has gone up. (This is a rare occurrence.) He has some downright encouraging and heartening advice for beginning writers. His SF reads section contains recs for stuff that teaches science. I agree with his views, as expressed in his criticism of Star Wars, the writerly advice linked above, and elsewhere. His blog reveals a mind that has given thought to the current US political situation from a perspective slightly outside the fandom norm.

(And, indeed, it is nice to know that there are people who agree with me in that we must do what is the most efficient way to achieve our goals, not what makes us feel the best. In the long term, there is only realpolitik and idiocy.)

And finally, a quote from "Aficionado":
# If you're great at leaping -- bite the sun! #
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Goals: sleep, succeed.

I think that I'll be doing a round of actual card-sending 'round the 14th, in the interests of multiculturality. (In Finland, 14.2. is ystävänpäivä, "friend day", rather than the romantic Valentine's Day of US Export Culture.) I'll see if I can get some small ziploc/minigrip-type bags for potential tea-sending.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has denounced Trump's immigration idiocy as "contrary to Western values". Thank you, President Niinistö. The ruling coalition government has done no such thing. On the one hand, the ability to realpolitik is useful. On the other hand, the coalition includes the Xenophobia Party's leader as the Foreign Minister. So, well.

A note on Finnish political parties:Read more... )

The EU leaders are convening for a meeting on what to do. Let's hope that the result is a more unified, stronger Europe. Someone's gotta be a beacon of hope in the coming gloom. Also, this morning I browsed the newspapers at the University. Apparently Angela Merkel is one of the potential saviors of western democracy. Other candidates included one woman who worked for the EU in some sort of influential role, had a given name that began with a J or F and ended with e, a surname that was shorter than that, and was also in the news cycle due to something to do with Trump's order, but damn if I can find her or recall her name.
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Brain chemistry first: The past few ... months? I've been having trouble motivating myself to get out of bed and do things. I can kick myself and willpower it, but I would like for it to be easier. Also better in the long term to do the things and not just lie in bed and live in my head. I have no idea if this is a depression thing, an Asperger's thing, or a regular person thing. Advice appreciated.
(Note that this is an ExtraPenguin form of doing nothing/failing, which is: succeed in the most important things (academic stuff), having trouble getting some extra stuff done, and feeling wangsty. I want to feel more productive and less bzuh. No need to worry about me ending up beneath a bridge or whatever.)

Time: a thing I need more of. Sleep as well. Now, part of it is that the current period is the busiest this year, and I have a large assignment hanging over me, so some stress.

Also, gender continues to be confusing. On the one hand, a support group would be nice; on the other hand, I don't feel like gazing into my own navel and thinking about such things. On the gripping hand, it's not like I have time. Idk.

So. I'm alive. I'm busy. Hi.

And I've decided to do an art a day. Currently going through PileofSith's AU generator.
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