1 Apr 2017


1 Apr 2017 17:56
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Municipal elections: I voted. The official date is 9.4., but Finland is a first-world nation where things are done sort of reasonably, thus early voting exists and they have a temp voting station at the University, so.

(How early voting happens in Finland: one turns up at any of the voting stations in one's municipality, presents ID, writes a number on a slip of paper when hidden from eyes, presents ID and folded-over slip of paper to officiant who seals it in an envelope, signs a slip that says "I voted, this vote is mine", watches officiant place that and prior envelope into a larger envelope – and then one is free to sod off.)

In more personal news, I am rediscovering charcoal and its joys. (Its one drawback is that fixative smells terrible and must be sprayed outside, but hey.) I've also compiled quite a poetry text file over the past few months – mostly freeform, but some villanelles and sestinas sprinkled through. I'm wondering whether I should try to self-publish it sometime. Or just share it with people under my real name, as a sort of "look I can do creative things" calling card.


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