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Here are my thoughts on each of the graphic stories. Grading out of five, where
0 = this is a terrible piece of shit
1 = I didn't click at all and wish for that time back
2 = You Tried, but not my thing
3 = okay enough, could be someone else's 4 or 5
4 = a good story that I engaged with
5 = mind=blown, excellent

I admit, this category was strong.

Black Panther
The pacing was a bit choppy/condensed, but I liked the political intrigue and the fact that it had at least the trappings of an unfamiliar-to-me culture. 3/5

Intriguing and intoxicating, and the art style – the lines and expressions and panel composition – is amazing. The narrative pacing and storytelling, too. The world is enthralling. 5/5

Ms Marvel
An enjoyable romp that touched upon some important stuff. A bit teen-y and light. 3/5

Paper Girls
I liked the sort of recursive mind bend intrigue. The use of color was excellent. 4/5

Not My Thing, but the parental love was nice. I liked Prince Robot IV, and the science fantasy world was sorta cool, but not that into the lots of nudity or the main het couple. 2/5

The Vision
A sad story, but the storytelling and narration was very effective and haunting. 4/5


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