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I linked y'all to Poem Line For Title some time ago. Well, I decided that today I should try to come up with some writing, so off to my topic generator I went. My dataset gave me "But she was not made for any man", which is from Edna St. Vincent Millay's Witch-Wife.

The line crystallizes what I need before I can like a female character: she must exist for her own purpose, not be made as a prop for a male character. Indeed, I'd rather insert in a female OC than try to salvage what little undreadful there might be from those love interests who exist only because the dude needed a love interest. That's why a lot of Tumblr-style objections to people writing about male characters fall flat: I want interesting characters who happen to be women, whereas the thought seems to be that I should find characters interesting because they are women. (Now, some character types and tropes I have a greater tolerance for if the genderedness is reversed, but that's more novelty value than anything.) Additionally, the character traits I like and identify with and admire and grok tend to be given to men, since men are ~logical~ and other cultural BS.

On the subject of women without men and characters I grok, I won Jukebox with an amazing gift: Trajectory is T-rated femslash – indeed, over 7k of it – with such wonderous tags as "Xenobiology", "Transhumanism", and "Outrageous Cosmological Speculations". It's as if the author had a direct line into my brain and produced something that would not feel a bit out of place in a Best Of SF collection. Go read.

I don't think I'll be able to cobble together a proper Jukebox rec list (colds: not recommended), so let it just be said that there are a lot of good ones and here's a link to the collection. I'll link to the stuff I wrote on Thursday, when authors have been revealed.

Again on the subject of women without men: Has anyone seen Wonder Woman? Is it a feast of butch/warrior women flexing their muscles in shows of strength? Is there F/F loyalty kink?


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