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Things I should do: Read more of the Hugos stuff. At least the novellas, gdi. Install Tinder and try to find a date.

Things I have done:

Gone through Seta's site, reading all the stuff. A lot of the Finnish-language terminology is either cringeworthy or actually in English, but there is something to be said for "you exist, you're allowed to exist" being said in Finnish. There's a place for you here. I should probably go attend a meeting or something/get sort of involved with the community, but I am a socially anxious misanthrope. I need backup.

Relatedly, this Tumblr convo on bisexuality and "passing privilege", and how it results in life sucking for bi people even more.

Also, prosthetics as augmentation, rather than replacement.

I went through Battle Beast's third album, Unholy Savior, and in the realm of upbeat power metal, I rec I Want the World … and Everything in It, Far Far Away, and Push it to the Limit.
On a semi-related note, I tend to interpret songs as being all F/F, even if there's a mention of a dude. I Want the World? Totally a thing a woman'd belt to her girlfriend! Covered by Roses? The most femslashy anthem of ever! No, I have no idea where these associations came from. Perhaps just being bored by het + female singer? Ah well.

I have yet to wash my hair since Wednesday (I'll do that this evening) but it seems that the color's already fading slightly just from wear. On the one hand, I knew that with my slippery-smooth, untreated hair, the number of washes I'd get would be 5 at most, rather than the advertised 5 to 10. On the other, I'm a bit sad, since I liked the color. On the gripping hand, I get to do more hair dye experiments soon?
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