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And now I'm being all entertained by my Animorphs Fan Forum days! Ah, the loads of 20something Murikan Xtians who would obsessively wank about marriage equality, abortion, and climate change, and how all those things were wrong. The mod with the Harry Potter hateboner. The Cassie hate. The Cassie Defense Squad. The time when one person set up a Tobias hate thread with a long OP dissing Tobias since he wasn't ~relateable~ enough, and the aforementioned mod set up individual hate threads for all the other animorphs, clearly patterning it all off that one thread. The Tobias stans.

And, looking at my fic there, I think the biggest improvement in my writing happened between FFN and AO3, and during my AO3 time. AFF and FFN, I wrote comic crackfic, but on AO3 I finally got the handle on how to write other things, too.

The trip was prompted by a few FFA descussions that left me desiring Visser Three/Alloran mind screw dirtybadwrong, Elfangor/Arbron either before or after Arbron got stuck as a Taxxon, and/or an AU where the Taxxons all acquire human morphs and become sentient human beings who will have sentient children, as opposed to fucking boa constrictors.


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