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We last left off on Nar Shaddaa. Turns out that running around in circles enough got the next bit to trigger!

Nar Shaddaa, Dantooine, Onderon )
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[This post relates to the Star Wars franchise. I have not watched any of the movies and do not inted to do so.]

So, after an experience of KOTOR tragically cut short by the unavailability of a Windows machine (I recruited 7/9 companions and did the Sith Academy planet and was futzing about underwater on the ocean planet), I have recently been playing KOTOR 2, with the Restored Content mod.

Firstly: boy is a lot of it buggy.

Secondly: I miss Juhani.

Most importantly: I like it! It's a nice game with nice things. I'm playing General Lady Light Side, Light-Sidiest of All, name Vanna Draconis. SPOILERS ahead.

The (skippable) prologue sequence was very nice, and I don't think I'll be skipping it on any subsequent playthrough, since there's at least one bonus thing involving controlling a second droid that I didn't do.

Vanna Draconis, Peragus to Telos to start of Nar Shaddaa )


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