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From a personal POV, it was a good year: I got my shit together re: studying, hit my groove working, and in general grew out of being a socially awkward dork and into my own skin. (It's an ongoing process, but this year was especially productive.) Fandom-wise, I got a new fandom (The Goblin Emperor) and new friends – and an IRC chatroom, which I find a natural environment for socialization.

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Modded meme thing:
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Now that 2015 is done, I'll do some retrospective thinking on 2015.

In 2015, I found a few new fandoms (Rivers of London, Imperial Radch, Goblin Emperor), and re-joined Fandom properly after taking most of 2014 off due to The Busy. I finished my first year of University and started my second one, got a long-term summer job as a research assistant (and maybe eventual PhD student if I play my cards right), and acquired a dishwasher, which saved my sanity. I wrote a total of over 27k words over 21 works,

Ficwise, the top 3 in some categories:
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