1 Feb 2017

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Goals: sleep, succeed.

I think that I'll be doing a round of actual card-sending 'round the 14th, in the interests of multiculturality. (In Finland, 14.2. is ystävänpäivä, "friend day", rather than the romantic Valentine's Day of US Export Culture.) I'll see if I can get some small ziploc/minigrip-type bags for potential tea-sending.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has denounced Trump's immigration idiocy as "contrary to Western values". Thank you, President Niinistö. The ruling coalition government has done no such thing. On the one hand, the ability to realpolitik is useful. On the other hand, the coalition includes the Xenophobia Party's leader as the Foreign Minister. So, well.

A note on Finnish political parties:Read more... )

The EU leaders are convening for a meeting on what to do. Let's hope that the result is a more unified, stronger Europe. Someone's gotta be a beacon of hope in the coming gloom. Also, this morning I browsed the newspapers at the University. Apparently Angela Merkel is one of the potential saviors of western democracy. Other candidates included one woman who worked for the EU in some sort of influential role, had a given name that began with a J or F and ended with e, a surname that was shorter than that, and was also in the news cycle due to something to do with Trump's order, but damn if I can find her or recall her name.


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