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Hi, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] ExtraPenguin. Here's my Coronation Ceremony letter! Likes, DNWs, and prompts beneath the cut.


I tend to prefer fics that are about an (external) thing happening (eg. There is an engineering malfunction!) more than fics that are about a trope (eg. Accidental Baby Acquisition or what-have-you). I appreciate this can be a fuzzy line to tread, but I hope this helps you in your ficcraft.

If you seek to write a PWP, well, I have some rambly thoughts on my kink likes here, as well as my Smut Swap letter.


  • Dystopias of any stripe – I want lightish shades of grey currently
  • character death
  • humiliation
  • embarrassment
  • incest
  • pregnancy/children/motherhood
  • violence to fingers or eyes
  • noncanonical permanent disability or the acquiring of such
  • animal harm (especially negative outcomes for horses)
  • sexism, homophobia, racism, etc and narratives built solely around them
  • plots based entirely on miscommunication
  • pure introspection/character study/slice of life or angst

Original Characters & misc notes

For pretty much everything, I absolutely adore competence, especially in women. Competence, ambition, determination, use of every tool at her disposal.
The archetype I uncritically adore is the Scientist: the smart, competent person who is absolutely thrilled to have discovered something, anything new. To have understood one more piece of the universe.
Other aspects I appreciate in characters are the ability to enjoy adrenaline thrills, curiosity, knowing WTF they're doing or at least pretending that they do, and women lifting heavy objects. Creativity and creative problem-solving. Knowing the rules and exploiting them.

For serious things, gambits, schemes, and pile-ups of the aforementioned are welcome, should you wish to try your hand at it.
I prefer anti-heroes and grey-and-grey morality to black-and-white morality and generic idealized heroes who do no wrong. Sure, the morality can be dark grey and light grey, but the villains should have some motivation beyond "because we're evil" and the heroes should be human (or alien) and not be avatars of perfect goodness.

For light-hearted things, I like the sort of "sane person against the Universe" dynamic found in Connie Willis' "In the Late Cretaceous" and/or this Vorkosigan fic by Ankaret. Life is absurd, and bureaucracy even more so. Red tape and counterproductive regulations are a theme that can have me doubled-over laughing. Light-grey-and-light-grey morality.
Please, no slapstick or anything based on embarrassing people.

The actual prompts!

(organized thematically)

Science & Magic

Character: Vedero Drazhin (fic)
Vedero studies the stars. What drew her to it? How does she study them? Has she discovered anything? What does she think when she's up on that rooftop by herself? Is there much light pollution near Cetho?

What are her salons like? (Does Kiru participate? Csethiro? Any of the other named female characters?) How closely interlinked are her and Dach'osmin Tativin's researches and the local academia? Is she mentoring anyone? Does she have a mentor? A particularly inspiring (female) role model, either historical or mythical? Opinions on astronomical lore?

Note: please don't dwell on the hardships she's suffered due to being a woman in a sexist society; I'm looking for feels on astronomy and science, not issuefic.

Worldbuilding: Astronomy (fic, meta)
So, how far along is astronomy in the Ethuveraz? Do they have stellar spectral classification schemes? Star charts? Reflector telescopes? How do they make telescopes/optical apparati? Do they have camera technology? What's their current theory of light?

Worldbuilding: Linguistics (fic, meta)
Do the Ethuverazheise philologists have a concept of language families yet? Has someone tried to reconstruct proto-World? What's the current majority opinion on the relatedness of the elven and goblin languages? Has anyone tried to describe the language of the lion-girls? Academics duking it out over some fine point of Ethuverazin grammar? Descriptivists vs perscriptivists?

Worldbuilding: Magical System (fic)
TELL ME EVERYTHING. How does it work? What is it? What are its limitations? How is it taught? How does the maza system fit with regards to the prelacy's magic? Dachenmazei passionately arguing over something?

Worldbuilding: Scientific and Magical Research (fic, meta)
So: where does it happen? In the Universities, in the Athmaz'are, in rich dilettantes' basements? How does science affect magic and magic affect science, and where does the border go? What goes into experiment planning? What sorts of experiments happen? What do the poor research assistants end up doing so the prof's happy? Does excess optimism disrupt experiments in the Ethuveraz, too? Something something quantum mechanics means observing the experiment changes the results?

Arbelan, Domme Extraordinaire

General prompts for this section: Arbelan, for whatever reason, is given full custody and control over the other person, and (ab)uses her position of authority. Psychological mindbreak? Porn soundtrack noises? (Bondage, spanking, riding crops, object insertion, Barizheise armfish, the works.)

Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Aina Shulivar (fic)
Shulivar escapes execution by being added to Arbelan's household as a servant! Or perhaps he tries to do the coup thing a different way. In any case, what's Arbelan's reaction to his ideology? (How) does he try to convince Arbelan? How much hatesex is involved?

Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Csoru Drazharan (fic)
Arbelan uses her newfound influence ... to put Csoru in her place. With spanking, perhaps. And hatesex.

Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Nedaö Vechin (fic)
Is Arbelan the other source of patronage Min Vechin is mentioned to have found at the end? What did Nedaö have to do to earn Arbelan's patronage? Does Arbelan make her sing? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Sheveän Drazharan (fic)
Arbelan uses her newfound influence ... to obstruct all of Sheveän's hopes and dreams. And hatesex.

Relationship: Arbelan Drazharan/Stano Bazhevin (fic)
Stano's a bit of a follower. In this scenario, she'd be attached to Arbelan's household – what sort of follower does she become?
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