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2015-02-03 12:01 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Fics, Fandoms, and other stuff.

I'm a Finnish fanficcer and University student. I write stuff occasionally. The best way to find my works is on AO3: [archiveofourown.org profile] ExtraPenguin . I also have a tumblr: [tumblr.com profile] extra-penguin. I can also be found as ExtraPenguin on #thegoblinemperor and #yuletide on SlashNET. Discord is Sensory Overload Hell most of the time, but I do occasionally wander over to the Yuletide Discord when bored. I maintain a tumblr for generating title suggestions; the maintenance/improvement post is here. Pronouns are hard. (Ze/hir is probably the safest bet, though I do not object to he, she, or they.)

I mod the [community profile] space_swap and [community profile] coronationceremony exchanges as well as the past few iterations of the Bujold Fest.

Transformative works: I give blanket permission to remix, podfic, make fanart of, etc. any of my fics, provided that you list it as a related work on AO3 or otherwise make me aware of the result.

Main Fandoms For Which I've Produced Stuff:
Vorkosigan Saga (Lois McMaster Bujold)
The Goblin Emperor (Katherine Addison)
Honor Harrington series (David Weber)

I've also written the first english-language Yoko Tsuno fic on AO3 and some other one-off stuff. All of it's on AO3, even the stuff prompted and originally posted on Tumblr, DreamWidth, or #thegoblinemperor on SlashNET.

My fandoms are near-exclusively SF novels. Other interests include horses, feminism (in the non-Tumblr-SJW, non-academic way), symphonic metal, vicariously experiencing emotions via the rants of others, stroking my hateboners for some things, and writing origfic.

If I do socially step on your toes/kick you in the face, please tell me so that I can not repeat it. Asperger's means I missed all the social cue stuff growing up.

(Last edited: 15 Jul 2017)

fandoms, a nonexhaustive listing of sorts – awareness more than participation )
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2017-10-16 05:20 pm
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Music Monday Meme

But let's start with a PSA: My name is spelled ExtraPenguin, with both the E and P in capitals. All-lowercase variants are sometimes necessary due to limitations in eg URLs, but the proper version is ExtraPenguin. As far as shortened versions/nicknames go, EP and Penguin are fine.

15. A song that is a cover by another artist
Battle Beast - Push it to the Limit
Originally by Paul Engemann, from the soundtrack of Scarface.
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2017-10-14 08:11 pm
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Poem Line for Title Suggestions Post

I maintain Poem Line for Title, a Tumblr page that randomly selects a quote from a list and then displays it. Now, this is of course limited by the pool of available lines, so if you have suggestions on poems I could crib stuff from, this is the post to post them in! (Yes, I have gone through the_rck's GDoc.) Press Ctrl+U to view the source; line two (begins var titles = [") contains the entire quoteset.
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2017-10-10 08:48 pm
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Music ...Monday Meme

As usual, let's pretend it's Monday. I have a Yuletide assignment I'm digesting. Canon review may be in order, but thankfully next week is light on scheduled stuff.

14. A song that you would love played at your wedding
This is actually hard, since I don't really listen to much wedding-y music/love story happy music. After consideration of many songs (frex Indica - Pidä kädestä (translation), Indica - Täältä pois (translation), Dream Evil - See the Light (lyrics), Battle Beast - I Want the World (lyrics), Nightwish - Alpenglow (lyrics), Within Temptation - Covered by Roses (lyrics), Within Temptation - See Who I Am (lyrics), and the ever-traditional Finnish wedding staple Tehosekoitin - Hetken tie on kevyt (translation)), I came to the conclusion of...

14. A song that you would love played at your wedding
Nightwish - Sagan
Because, well, anyone willing to stick with me for the long haul is going to be a COLOSSAL NERD and also probably some sort of science fan, so. I mean, the song has a friggin' space rocket launch as an effect! It's happy and hopeful, too. Also, "Beware the very first unkind word" is good marriage advice AFAIK.

And I do want someone who'll make me wonder and understand and smile with me when I lift my gaze to the stars.
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2017-10-06 10:49 pm

The Traitor Baru Cormorant

I finished it today. I was drawn to it enough to add it to my Yuletide requests!

I love Baru Cormorant. She is competent and she is ruthless, and she inspires loyalty. She uses assets to the best of her ability. She is driven. I also love her relationships with the dukes – especially Tain Hu. The loyalty kink was very button-press-y. Baru being willing to do anything to succeed at her goals was amazing.

I loved the worldbuilding. Falcrest taking over places with economics! A complex Aurdwynn with its own problems and history! Nebulous powers behind the throne and the promise of cutthroat politics!

ending spoilers )

Now, this is not a thing I'd rec without caveats – there's homophobia, the threat of government-mandated eugenics, some sexism, and the whole imperialism shit – but if one likes competent female characters and economic worldbuilding, it's worth checking out. There'll be a sequel, The Monster Baru Cormorant, that I'll nab when it comes out.
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2017-10-03 09:16 pm

(no subject)

It is once more the time of year during which my age increments by one. (Well, by "it is" I mean "it will be within a few months", but hey, I'm doing my birthday shopping ahead of schedule!)

I have recently acquired arts and placed them on my wall. I now have an overwhelming urge to place more arts on the wall. (I have purchased two arts to place on the wall.) I have three wardrobe door things, so now I want to place a series of arts onto each of them! I'm thinking of Hydrogene's Women in Science series of minimalist posters, and have selected three of them. (Valentina Tereshkova, Chien-Shiung Wu, and Lise Meitner, for those wondering.) – But, is it worth? Should I? Should I get these arts, or should I wise up and save the money?

The thing is, will I ever be able to stop? On the one hand, this feels like a desire to make this space mine, but what if I'm just an art addict? What if I never stop and the walls of my room shall be plastered with arts? (Unlikely, since I know what negative space is, but still.)

In utterly unrelated news, SOMEONE ELSE IS REQUESTING UPLIFT! Please post a letter, requester, I want to be FRIENDS FOREVER.
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2017-10-02 09:26 pm
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Music Monday Meme

13. One of your favorite 70's songs
I don't actually listen to 70s stuff – my favorite subgenres are all produts of the 21st century, so it's rare that I encounter anything amazing that's not recent. However, I have discovered a recs thread for Mad Science music on FFA, so here's a thing from the 80s:
Oingo Boingo - Weird Science

(Also, guess who'll be asking for a F/F interpretation of Skullcrusher Mountain next Jukebox?)
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2017-09-28 02:28 pm

Dear Yulegoat

ETA 6.10. there is now Baru Cormorant!

Hi, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] ExtraPenguin. Here's my Yuletide letter! Likes, DNWs, and prompts beneath the cut. Fandoms listed: Kerbal Space Program, Uplift series, Pushing Ice, Machineries of Empire, Vorkosigan saga, The Traitor Baru Cormorant. Art prompts over here. Yuleporn.

Read more... )
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2017-09-26 03:54 pm
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Music Monday Meme

It's Monday if I say so. Shh.

12. A song from your pre-teen years
Girls Aloud - Something Kinda Ooh

Admittedly, I'm not sure if this is pre-teen per se – might be early teens as well – but I don't recall having an independent taste in music before getting into Girls Aloud. (I also don't recall how I got into them.) I liked the active, bouncy rhythms. Like most music popular with the preteens, it's ... kinda adult, actually. Partying at clubs until 3 am and one-night stands and such are more popular with the 18+ segment than the under-13 one, in my experience. Perhaps some sort of lure of adulthood thing goin on – the real marker of the child/adult transition is going from lusting for adulthood to wistfulness towards childhood.

In other news, Yuletide has a tag set! I went through with the bookmarklet, and now have a list of things I should look at again. I know 5 requests, and might add a 6th one, depending on what I feel. I have some clue about offers, but shall have to read one more book, look at the letters for one fandom, and ponder characters.
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2017-09-23 09:42 pm

(no subject)

An exam! On stuff I mostly sorta know, but anyway. Better revise. So, busy.

In the meanwhile, the collection for my exchange Coronation Ceremony (monofandom The Goblin Emperor) opened with 22 works. Read the fics and look at the arts.
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2017-09-18 08:39 pm
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Music Monday Meme

11. A song that you never get tired of
Within Temptation - Faster

It's just so ... idk, uplifting? Enthusiastic? I'm proud of all my scars is a sentiment I want to get behind wholeheartedly. Also, throwing oneself into one's life and enjoying it in the moment.
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2017-09-17 12:24 pm

Greg Egan's Dichronauts

I, um, did another book-inhale yesterday. Dichronauts, in true Greg Egan fashion, requires some background reading from the author's site to figure out WTF is going on. Mostly because I was a bit confused by the coordinate system. (The Sun rises and sets; the migration happens because the axis of rotation is tilting, not because of the Sun's movement.)

The main characters, Seth and Theo, are in a symbiotic relationship, where Seth (a Walker) sees along the East-West direction and can move, and Theo (a Sidler) echolocates along the North-South direction and subsists off Seth's bloodstream. They share inputs, and have a sort of telepathic communication. Everyone in their society is a symbiont pair. The reason for this arrangement is that instead of three space and one time dimension, there are two space and two time directions. They live on the surface of a hyperbola hourglass thing, and the axial dimension is time-like, so light can't go there – but sound can. The plot is basically an excuse to explore this world and all its weird geometries, but the world is interesting and the exploration well-executed, so I don't mind. Egan also goes into some of the societal tensions of Walker-Sidler relations, and based on the noms spreadsheet, someone seems to want fic of that for Yuletide.
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2017-09-13 05:25 pm
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Calendrical Observations

Yuletide season is here. I have my noms in (Kerbal Space Program, Uplift, Pushing Ice), other people have nommed Vorkosigan Saga for its perhaps-actually-final hurrah (988 fics, up from 963 last year), and some things I've heard nominations rumors of (Dichronauts, Machineries of Empire) are interesting and perhaps offerable. Dichronauts is physically here and next on my to-read list, and I have finally ordered The Raven Stratagem, so I can request/offer that as well. (Please read the series. Ninefox Gambit was excellent, and I have it on good authority that The Raven Stratagem is a fitting continuation.) If someone noms The Stars are Legion, that is also a thing I could offer/request. Lots of nice science fiction books! If I have the time, I might go through the tag set's Books & Literature section and separate out the sci-fi books, sorted by how many there are in the series :P

Oh, and this years Yuletide tagset's ID is 1998. The most recent one (when looking at the tag sets page) is 2013. Soon we'll have (had) more tag sets than years in the Gregorian calendar.

EDIT: Might as well make a Ninefox Gambit/Machineries of Empire icon, no? Imgur mirror here. Pose ref, texture. Quote's the Kel motto. Use wherever, mention me somewhere when you start using it.
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2017-09-11 04:58 pm
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Music Monday Meme

10. A song that makes you sad
Sirenia - One by One
The lyrics are about not being able to help someone with their demons, but what the bit that resonates with me is I've been dreaming for far too long/And my dreams all break one by one, which. What if I've been sitting here dreaming, letting doors close all around me, when I should have been doing something more to make those dreams reality? – I recognize that this is mostly a reaction to the inevitable narrowing of the possibility cone that comes with ageing, but, well, what if the doubts are right?

I can only snatch spare moments from the jaws of time. Live. Live. Live.
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2017-09-09 08:52 pm

Sick and bored, so, um, Kameron Hurley's The Stars are Legion

I have acquired a terrible flu, and am frightfully bored, because I want to go outside and exercise, which is ... not advisable. Instead, I made inroads into more of my to-read pile.

The Stars are Legion
Firstly, it's a standalone, so no nail-biting wait for a squillion sequels.
Secondly, the back cover blurb doesn't quite capture the thing.

Despite the fact that it's first person, I liked it! (Especially the "Lord Mokshi, Annals of the Legion" bits that preface each chapter.) There are two narrators, Zan and Jayn. Most of the narration is from Zan's POV. The premise is that there is a Legion of organic world-ships who are decaying, but cannot leave their position – apart from one empty one, Mokshi, which Zan is sent to get into. By Jayn and her family. Zan has succeeded repeatedly, but each time she comes back without her memory. Now, Jayn's faction isn't the only one, and there's lots of interesting politics going on.
All the inhabitants of the world-ships are women, and the ship somehow makes the women get pregnant and give birth to components – gears, etc. The ships do have metal frames, but they're patterned off humans and have arteries and such. There is some gore and body horror, though I could read it, and I'm not at all a fan of body horror. If pregnancy squicks you, skip this one.

spoilers )

On a related note, I am accepting book recs for science fiction. On a semi-related note, I tried getting into Fran Wilde's Uplift and bounced off the teenage first-person POV protagonist. I'll probably try it again later, but oh well. If that doesn't work, I have a younger sibling who's into fantasy.
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2017-09-04 06:20 pm
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Music Monday Meme

9. A song that makes you happy
Delain - Stardust
(Okay, perhaps more satisfied-content-happy than overjoyed-bursting-happy, but I actually prefer content-happy.) I love star and space metaphors. I have no idea WTF is actually going on, but it might be a generation ship perhaps? It'd fit the "left the Earth to die" and "all light in hollow eyes is stardust" bits. And the "bring me the Sun and Moon" and the memories being left behind etc. Hmm, maybe some sort of psychological trouble? Anyway, a potentially interesting plot idea lurks within.
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2017-09-03 09:02 pm

Yoon Ha Lee's Ninefox Gambit

So, after this being a thing recced to me by like 10 squillion people and every Worldcon panel ever, I inhaled it in one sitting. It is now past 21, and I have yet to eat dinner, but: so worth it!

It's military science fiction where the basis of the military tech is interesting, the battle scenes are well-written, there's an intrigue component going on simultaneously, and it's got casual bisexuality! It's pretty much exactly what I wanted from Iain Banks' Use of Weapons, and resembles Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice in some ways. The best way I could describe it is Ancillary Justice meets one of the Vorkosigan saga's Admiral Naismith books. The cultural stuff in Ninefox Gambit feels innovative enough, and it's certainly got a fresh take on things. I'll add the sequel, Raven Stratagem, onto my birthday books wishlist.
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2017-09-01 05:03 pm


It's autumn! University's in, work is now part-time, and the weather is cool enough that I don't melt!

I have recently-ish shared some poetry of mine with some real-life friends. They liked it. I suppose I'll publish 2017's crop somewhere in January. Do any of you know good places to self-pub poetry, or should I just stick it on Amazon?

Speaking of Amazon, I got a crop of books! Updraft and The Man Who Bridged the Mist are fantasy with engineering stuffs, Ninefox Gambit and The Stars Are Legion are MilSF that's hopefully not hilaribadly regressive, Blindsight, Dragon's Egg, and Dichronauts are weird science (and aliens) SF, and I got a nonfiction book on an English cholera epidemic: The Ghost Map. Now, I just have to figure out what to read next...
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2017-08-29 08:07 pm

(no subject)

On the one hand, I understand that mostly befriending other socially undeveloped nerds-in-person-suits means that a lot of emotion-related stuff is handled poorly, if at all, and am okay with taking the spills. On the other hand, all of this drama was avoidable.

(As for what happened, well: "I'm having emotions! Let me dump them on you!" "Um, okay." "...How should I handle them?" "NOT LIKE THIS.")

Well, I did get called good at this social interaction business, which was confusing.
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2017-08-28 07:01 pm
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Music Monday Meme

8. A song about drugs or alcohol
Jenni Vartiainen - Malja ("Grail", "Mug", "Cup" ... the word has a large semantic field.)
(lyrics + translation)
I don't have all that many songs about drugs or alcohol, because, well, "I drank lots of ethanol!" isn't a topic of songs that interests me. This one's in my library due to the fact that it's also about anguish, in a way. And today, this speaks to me and my longing, sorrowful heart.

The breadth of human emotion, from the most ecstatically fleeting heights to the very depths of despair, is a beautiful thing, but I wish only that I could avoid sustained-ish downswings.