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Blood oranges are delightful. They've got the citrusy tang of regular oranges, but are juicier and have a more multi-note flavor profile. They're also currently in season and cheapish. (If given the chance, I eat like 2/3 kg per day, lol. At least I'm getting enough vitamin C?)

I'm also on a poetry kick currently. Here's one I wrote some time ago. So, any of y'all want me to write a poem? I can do freeform, sestinas, and villanelles and mayybe a sonnet, and promise to try anything more exotic you want to throw at me. Fandom topic poems are hard, but something about stuff like "rain" or "your opinion on global warming" or w/e should work!

You are no summer’s days.

You, you erupt onto my tongue with sweet bitterness
Come apart in my fingers
Taste of ecstasy

And you, you envelope me into your intoxicating embrace
Give me sweet comfort
It is dawn when you are done.

What need have I for anything more?
I have a blood orange and darkness.
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Oh, whir and hum and hum and whir
My vacuum pumps shall have their word
The table hums and vibrates tense
The test procedures shall commence

The pressure made is high and bad
We turn the pump off, tired and sad
We open up the nuts and bolts
Remove the cover, see it molt

The problem now is crystal clear:
Three inches gap, where none should leer
Replace the seals in manner good
The close the pump, re-place the hood

Leave overnight the pump to pump
And see tomorrow pressures plum
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In related news, I'm still alive.

Splat. Splat.
A steady koshhhh
Drumming on the roof
Insistent. Jealous.
Hoping to soak you.
Not wanting to stop.
But eventually-
everything stops.

Take a step towards
What you don't know, so you can
Once more be surprised

Dark nights have returned
A reprieve from the blaze
Preventing sleep
A land of the sleepless.

The air has changed
No more pressing heat
Or cracking thunder
Rain has returned.

The cycle goes on
Summer's heat turns
Points again to autumn
Yet the Sun always rises.

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You think yourself dull
Weak; Deceitful
sheltering in created self-confidence
lacking the real thing.
A one-trick pony.

You think yourself bad
at human interaction
Your friends disagree
        don't matter.

You think youself worse
than me; undeserving
of the fiery sun that is my heart
worn proudly on my sleeve.

You think yourself dim
Standing next to my blaze
Comparing you to me
A distant lantern and a nearby sun.

Let me teach you to shine.

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All Others must be
Integrated into main-
Stream society

I am the function
Of e to the xth
Equal to my derivative

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Sharing a Finnish-language song that embodies the Finnish attitude.
And might work as a prompt for the writing-oriented in you.

Lyrics and translation )
Taas lapset pihalla näät
ikkunas alla leikkivän leikkejään
Taas siihen paikallesi ikkunaan jäät
siihen ikkunaan jäät

Lennät vuosien taa
Ne muistot päivittäin sut valtaansa saa
Ne joutsenlauluun etsii taas laulajaa
etsii taas laulajaa

Nuo hetket syntymästä kuolemaan
kun silmäluomiin heijastuu
Saa toiset uskomaan kai jumalaan
toiset saatanaan tai mihin vaan
Muttei kuitenkaan tähän maailmaan

Sä kerran löysit myös sen
tuon puolen vuosisadan rakkauden
Sun oli helppo olla onnellinen
olla onnellinen

Nyt mitä vaistollas teet
kun linnut pesästään on pois lentäneet?
On enää valokuvat kellastuneet
Ne selaat taas uudelleen
ja taas uudelleen

Et ehkä sääliäni kaipaa
Ei se saa tuskaa puutumaan
Tuo tuska laulun tämän kirjoittaa
Tuo tuska kiinnii saa kenet vaan
Tuo tuska kiinni saa

Suruhuntusi näät
Se viisi vuotta sitten sai hengittää
Sut joutsenlaulu silloin sai itkemään,
sut sai itkemään

Tahtoisit olla niin kuin silloinkin
kun peityit huntuun valkoiseen
Se jäänyt on jo ajan jalkoihin
niin kuin sinäkin

Tahtoisin yrittää
mä että silloin veden pinnalle jään
kun joen tulvivan mä uomistaan nään
kun joen tulvivan nään

Nuo naiset marketeissa kärryineen
ja miehet kantabaareissaan
Nuoruuden lähteestä kai haaveilee
ja tuska laimenee tai miten vaan

Taas hetken lähempänä kuolemaa
Ei haihdu tuska milloinkaan
Tuo tuska laulun tämän kirjoittaa
tuo tuska kiinnii saa kenet vaan
Tuo tuska kiinni saa kenet vain haluaa

You see the children in the yard again
Playing their games under the window
You stay there at the window again
Stay there at the window

You fly back years
The memories take you over daily
They're looking for a singer for a swan-song again
Looking for a singer again

Those moments from birth to death
When reflected upon eyelids
Makes some believe in God
Some in Satan, or anything
But not this world

Once you found it
The love of half a century
It was easy for you to be happy
Be happy

Now what will you do with your instincts
When the birds have flown out of their nest?
You only have the yellowed photographs
You leaf through them once again
And once again

You may not wish for my pity
It won't make the anguish numb
That anguish writes this song
That anguish catches anyone
That anguish catches

You see your mourning veil
Five years ago it got to breathe
Then the swan-song made you cry
Made you cry

You'd like to be like you were
When you were covered by a white veil
It's already been trampled by time
Like you

I'd like to try
To stay on the surface
When I see the river flood from its channel
When I see the river flood

Those women in the market with their trolleys
And men in their bars
Probably dream of a fountain of youth
And the anguish dilutes, or whatever

Again a moment closer to death
Anguish never fades away
That anguish writes this song
That anguish can catch anyone
That anguish can catch anyone it wants
Lyrics and translation )

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Stuff by Eino Leino, Elvi Sinervo, Mika Waltari and Olavi Laine, Arvo Turtiainen, and Eeva-Liisa Manner.

Translations from Finnish )

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Title: Watch our Nation Glow
Wordcount: 123
Rating: G
Synopsis: A sonnet on the Theisman Coup, as threatened.

To Grow and Glow )

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Title: The Current Political Situation via Clerihews by Lord Yuri Vorgarin
Rating: G
Wordcount: 233
Synopsis:  In which the young Lord Yuri misinterprets his teacher's assignment and writes down clerihews. And bonus limericks.

Clerihew on! )

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Title: Nurture as Bagpipes
Rating: G
Wordcount: 112
Synopsis: Albrecht Detweiler twirls his villainous moustache in villanelle format.

Things that rhyme with  )

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Title: I Serve my Nation of Haven
Rating: G
Wordcount: 269
Summary: A sestina from Thomas Theisman's point of view, set shortly after Ransom departs with the Tepes.

Sestina! )


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