26 Apr 2016 19:32
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I have decided to become a tea blogger! In here, I shall list the teas I bought on my latest shopping trip, and then, as I drink them, write a review beneath. Mostly it's my perennial favorite, Forsman Tea, and a lot of my long-term favorites, but I picked up a few from a new manufacturer, Mandragora.

Forsman Tea: India Chai Latte
An old favorite! Black tea with cardamom, vanilla, coconut, black pepper, and chili. Smells warm and a touch vanilla-y, very reassuring.
[review pending]

Forsman Tea: Ginger
Another old favorite! Exactly what it says on the tin: black tea with ginger. Smells crisp and gingery.
Tastes gingery! Who'd have guessed! It's a slightly twangy taste on top of a black base; not all that LOOK AT MEEEE of a taste, but far from ignorable. It's a nice flavor, well suited for morning wake-ups.

Forsman Tea: Golden Apple
More old favorites! A Russian-type black tea with quince, pineapple, lemon, and safflower. Smells rich and a bit fruity.
[review pending]

Forsman Tea: Wild Strawberry
Ceylon tea with wild strawberry oil and leaves of rose and strawberry. I'm unsure how this one differs from the other Ceylon-and-strawberry tea, but hey, I liked that one, let's try this one! Smells like tea with a hint of something sweet.
[review pending]

Forsman Tea: Stellar Moment
A new one for me! Black tea with lemon, orange, and mango. Smells lemon-y ("zesty"), exactly as advertised.
[review pending]

Forsman Tea: "For You" Tea
Some sort of seasonal "buy a thing for your favorite person!" thingy. (If only the bf's mom would buy something like this instead of the shitty Nordqvist teas... Well, a penguin can dream.) Green tea with goji berry and peach. Smells sharp/fruity, not really a scent I associate with teas. I am intrigued by this one!
[review pending]

Mandragora: Vanilla Heaven
A whole new manufacturer! Black tea with vanilla, smells like vanilla, except cranked up to 11. A very promising tea.
[review pending]

Mandragora: Grapefruit on a Date
I have no idea how their marketing department came up with that name, but whatever! Green Sencha with cranberry, grapefruit, peach flower, raspberry, Helichrysum arenarium (dwarf everlast, immortelle), and cornflower. Smells sweet yet bitter, in a similar manner to grapefruits.
Tastes like good tea. The flavorings aren't as overpowering/strong as in the smell, but still present. It's tea with a grapefruity taste, though not annoyingly fruity. Not my favorite, but it's a quality tea.


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