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WBEX reveals are here! link

My giftfic the most perfectest thing:
A Century of Savvy Travelers: A Look Back at the GSST Project, 100 Years On (G, gen, 5.8k)
It's a retrospective book thingy with multiple travelogue excerpts in different styles and it's AMAZING. Words cannot describe how much I like it!

Periwinkle, Daffodil (T, multi, 2.4k, TGE)
This in-universe book review is well worth the read just for the descriptions of the books. (Also, I want that cape.)

Policies of the Dynasty (G, gen, 2.7k, TGE)
A look into the succession laws and such that made Maia Emperor. Features a deserved shutdown of Chavar.

Child of Ulis (T, gen, 7.9k, TGE)
An excellently-written look at pre-canon Thara Celehar, when he chooses his life of prelacy.
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Blatantly grabbed from [personal profile] schneefink. The first line of my 20 latest fics!

incoherentish rambling )

In general, I tend to (especially in the last half of this year) have the initial sentence in the plusquamperfect and summarize past events with it and then either elaborate on said events or contrast with the present. Not all that much dialogue or action.
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...and I did an answer here.

Now, one of the questions is, "provide an alternative ending to a fic of yours". The fic eventually chosen: Not in the Job Description. I wrote two alternative endings.

x-post from AO3 )

Happy alternative ending:
Sorry Telimezh )

DARKNESS alternative ending:
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Try copying horses' ear emotions! There’s a quick guide here, but I’ll provide my own rundown of what to do in an Ethuverazin context:

Ears pinned back: either fear or FIGHT ME (stiff)
Ears pricked forwards: interest, curiosity (loose)
Ears drooping: sadness, dismay (stiff); relaxation (loose)
Ears up: haughtiness (stiff); enthusiasm, excitement (loose)

Faking an ear position would be stiffer than having it be a natural product of the emotion experienced. Stiffness vs looseness is kinda arbitrarily defined by me, but ear motility does affect the emotion conveyed. (Stiffness of ear = "stiffness" of mental state, I suppose?)
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The fics and arts are revealed! Find them here!
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More names for those characters that you have to invent. 50 in total.

Batch 2 )
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Names for elven characters. Total: 124 names.

Batch 1 )
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Again, mostly TGE stuff originally posted in fragments on [community profile] fail_fandomanon / [community profile] tge_kink and then collected onto [tumblr.com profile] csathu-athmaza.

An Introduction to Surnames
Endings )

Given Names in the Ethuveraz 
Endings )

Generating Names
Using awkwords.
Weighted distributions )

Umm-lauts )

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A collection of The Goblin Emperor stuffs, originally published elsewhere, being added here for the benefit of my readers. These mostly from my alt-tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] csathu-athmaza 


the sounds )

Attested clusters
Consonants, combine )
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I made some quick sketches:

Pics )


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