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In your own space, create a fanwork. Make a drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. Arts and crafts. Draft a critical essay about a particular media. Put together a picspam or a fanmix. Write a review of a Broadway show, a movie, a concert, a poetry reading, a museum trip, a you-should-be-listening-to-this-band essay. Compose some limericks, haikus, free-form poetry, 5-word stories. Document a particular bit of real person canon. Take some pictures. Draw a stick-figure comic. Create something. [community profile] snowflake_challenge

The most enticing offer Simon had ever received had been from the Cetagandans.

They had promised to give him quarters overlooking the Plaza of Celestial Serenity on Eta Ceta near the capitol – and provided pictures, oh so sweet pictures that made his eyes sing and his heart ache – and to flatten old ImpSec HQ down to the ground. Tempting.

Now, that was decades past, and Simon was an old retired man. What with his chip gone, even the Cetagandans had no reason to send him mail. Curious, he opened it.

In it, there was a magazine and a small sheet of paper, handmade. Elegantly calligraphed onto the paper was "Thought you'd like page 4. –DB". His interest piqued, Simon opened the paper.

It was a half-page picture of ImpSec HQ. The article extolled the virtues of the "shining beacon of Barrayaran gothic brutalism movement". Simon could only groan.

Money, power, sex ... and architecture.
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On AO3
Simon Illyan/Alys Vorpatril

Summary: Simon and Alys do some roleplaying on their visit to the Orb.
In response to a prompt by biichan in the Bujold_Ficathon_2015 collection.


Drunken  )

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On AO3
A selection of things that users post onto the Barrayaran microblogging site Stumbl.

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For the Bujold Ficathon. On AO3.

How could ghem-General Benin sleep, when the year's whole crop of Rho Cetan haut-babies was missing?


Cetaganda )
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On AO3

Summary: The eldest Vorbarra children attempt to interpret Shakespeare.
In response to a prompt by a_t_rain in the Bujold_Ficathon_2015 collection.
With thanks to this and this


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On AO3
Summary: Ghem-General Dag Benin, Chief of Celestial Security, does not approve of (some of) his new underlings.
(The Bujold Fest is here!)

When in doubt, pick a Latin proverb and make it your title )
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On AO3
For [personal profile] avanti_90 (and thanks for the crack-refining!)
Summary: The very, very cracky prediction on what the new Cordelia book won't look like. Originally spawned here.


Crack )
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On AO3
Part of Remix Madness 2015
Based on [personal profile] avanti_90 's Adventures of the Space Stegosaurus

Summary: In the Imperial Residence kitchens, a cake acquires sentience.

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On AO3.
Here's the first of the two Vorkosigan WIPs I've been working on. Thanks to [personal profile] avanti_90 for betaing!
Summary: Lt Aleksei Kostolitz, ImpSec, and Filippa Cherenkova end up seconded to Auditor Vorparadijs to investigate the death of a horse. The murders of the Count Vorcault's aunt and wife complicate matters.

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So, my dear readership of 0.4 people, I have apparently taken on too much on my plate, and I really should focus on things like "university" and some other real-life commitments. I'll probably come back somewhat during summer (the whole "free time" thing).

Have the AU: Cop/Detective WIP in its entirety:

And here's a previous version:


From the  )

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As someone who generally only has one WIP at a time, this was rather hard. Nevertheless, I started some fics that I really should write, so here are sections from all of them. Also, if anyone has any ideas for my Trope Bingo's Accidental Baby Acquisition square, I'll take them.

The Cop/Detective AU Square (Vorkosigan)

“He was lying in a pool of his own blood. Didn't you feel any concern?”

“Oh, neurotypical people do weird shit all the time for opaque reasons they find perfectly obvious. I assumed Jones was doing something like that.”

The Wild Card, i.e. Sex Pollen square (Honorverse)

“I didn't know you were a flower person, Tom”, Denis LePic said as he barged into Thomas Theisman's office as part of his daily routine of making sure Theisman actually left the premises.

Theisman rolled his eyes. “They were left by some advocacy group or other. Eloise had some minion bring them over to my office to ‘brighten the mood’ or something to that effect.”

“She's hoping you get hay fever and go home to sleep.” Denis smirked and leaned over to sniff one of the flowers on Theisman's desk. “These smell nice”, he said. “Try it.”

The flower was large and purple, reminding Theisman of an Old Earth sunflower, except smaller. Its leaves were smooth and shiny. It smelled sweet and earthy, like the tea that some Legislaturalist officers had drunk often. Denis was nibbling on his ear.

Unrelated Vorparadijs Casefic (Vorkosigan)

Filippa Cherenkova looked at him with an expression that was easily interpreted as “you do realize that what you said right there was FUCKING INSANE”.

ImpSec Lieutenant Aleksei Kostolitz, Imperial Liaison Officer (or whatever his superiors had decided to call his position today), decided that the best course of action was to repeat what he had said.

“The Emperor would like for us to assist Imperial Auditor Vorparadijs in his investigation of the incidents in Vorcault District. Countess Vorcault and the Count's aunt, Lady Irina, have been stabbed to death. After the tragic murder of the Count's favorite horse, he called on the Emperor to help solve this politically motivated crime.”

“So, nobody cares about the women, but the moment a horse kicks it, it's boohoo Sire please help?” Filippa was somewhere between disbelief and “oh really”.

Aleksei nodded.

Thoughts? Sacrificial offerings? Critique?

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Wordcount: 303
Summary: What gene cleaners actually do. Vignette-ish.

Welcome to Barrayar )

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Wordcount: 448
Synopsis: Simon Illyan wakes up without his chip.

A logarithmic spiral )

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Wordcount: 2252
Synopsis: Miles introduced Laisa and Gregor. Now Gregor wants to repay him. With horses.
Enter Aleksei Kostolitz, Filippa Cherenkova, grave-robbing and Cetagandans.

Ch 1: Midnight to Midnight )

Ch 2: Origin of Akhal-Teke )

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Wordcount: 284
Synopsis: Gregor, 12, is treated to a riding lesson by General Count Piotr Vorkosigan

And Miles is irritatingly perfect )

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Title: Flying for Miles
Rating: G
Wordcount: 370
Synopsis: Miles Vorkosigan buys a swordstick. He proceeds to wreak havoc. Nothing new from the Milesian front, in other words.
Bujold Ficathon 2013

In which Aleksei Kostolitz cameos )
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Title: What's in a Name?
Rating: G
Wordcount: 388
Synopsis: Martya Koudelka asks her mother who she was named after.

Odd name out )

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Title: Meet Cordelia
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1371
Synopsis: The Rene Magritte jumps to Barnett while Cordelia Ransom is present. Much scrambling occurs.

Denial of female orgasm is the hallmark of capitalist dictatorship! )


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