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This week, one of my roomie's friends stayed over. She's only just back from a period of student exchange abroad, and her rent contract begins today. (My roomie has been living out of town for summer, so as to be nearer to her summer job. Just me and Friend.)

Apparently, Roomie and Friend are childhood friends who still keep in touch and call each other semiregularly. Perhaps I moved too often to nourish and keep such friendships, but – in a way I like that I could shed my skin and form anew. I was certainly a bit of an oblivious idiot socially back when I was young.

My current batch of friends, I like enough to be friends with. Stay friends after graduation, perhaps – but with the eventual fragmentation of everyone to their more permanent living situations and then kids, I doubt I'll get to hang on to all of them. Like my previous friendships, these too shall whither. Like my previous friendships, these too have given and shall give me fond memories. Have we no love for transience? The cherry blossoms bloom for a week, and then are gone. No-one denies their beauty and the worth of seeing them.

Don't get me wrong, I do currently want to find a locus of stability and do the whole married-forever thing, but even things only experienced once are still worth experiencing.

I like Friend. As I type this, she slips out of my life forever. I am sad, yes, but I liked talking to her. I'll slot the experiences of enjoying her company with the rest of the people lost from me in time's mists.

Date: 2017-07-02 04:32 (UTC)
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Some people are much better at keeping up with widely-separated friendships than others. I too have many memories of old friends who faded away as we became separated, but one of my friends now (who is about my own age) is still in regular contact with a lot of the people who were her friends in high school.

Facebook is a godsend for people who want to keep in touch with far-flung friends. I've actually reconnected with a few folks out of my past by finding them there. Only a few, though; the people I went to high school with are largely divided into two groups -- those who I don't remember very well, and those who I don't remember kindly.


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