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I'm a fanficcer, reader, fantranslator, and in general a fan. I write stuff occasionally. The best way to find my works is on AO3: [archiveofourown.org profile] ExtraPenguin. I also have a tumblr: [tumblr.com profile] extrapenguin. I can also be found as ExtraPenguin on #yuletide on SlashNET. Discord is Sensory Overload Hell most of the time, but I do occasionally wander over to the Yuletide Discord when bored. I maintain a tumblr for generating title suggestions; the maintenance/improvement post is here. Please use gender-neutral pronouns. My name is spelled as ExtraPenguin whenever orthography permits.

I mod the [community profile] space_swap exchange as well as the past few iterations of the Bujold Fest and the first two years of [community profile] coronationceremony.

Transformative works: I give blanket permission to translate, remix, podfic, make fanart of, etc. any of my fics, provided that you list it as a related work on AO3 or otherwise make me aware of the result.

My fandoms are mostly SF novels, now with some Chinese-origin fandoms. Other interests include horses, linguistics, engineering, space, symphonic metal, vicariously experiencing emotions via the rants of others, and writing origfic.

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Images found via Unsplash and Pixabay. Results of poll purely advisory.

Poll #21663 ExtraPenguin's Finland Topics Icon
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1 (leaf)
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2 (spruce)
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4 (forest)
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5 (tree from beneath)
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For those who wish to know, "perähikiä" is the Finnish for "bumfuck nowhere". All of my family lives there. *g*
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Assuming that in a fic there was a character named /'ʃɤɣn.di͡eθħf.tɤrv.dr̩ʃn 've͡ifθr.kɤħtk.vɤz.dr̩k/ (International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciation), would you prefer this to be rendered as:
Poll #21661 Which fic should EP write next?
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ʃɤɣndi͡eθħftɤrvdr̩ʃn ve͡ifθrkɤħtkvɤzdr̩k (done via search-and-replace)
0 (0.0%)

Sheghndiethhftervdrshn Veifthrkehtkvezdrk (for the diacritic-loathing)
7 (53.8%)

Šeǧndieþħftervdršn Veifþrkeħtkvezdrk (for the digraph-hating, done with letters EP can type using dead keys)
6 (46.2%)

(The character in question would be called something completely different in narration – this would be dialogue-only reference.)

I watched episode 1 of Leged of Fuyao! (On Viki.) The titular Meng Fuyao is a very irreverent servant who reminds me a bit of Wei Wuxian. I started watching the drama because I saw a gifset of her outfits on Tumblr and thought she was very pretty in them. *g* So far, she's playful, a terrible influence, and when the Sect Leader's son tells her that when he's Sect Leader, he'll marry her and no-one can bully her, she point blank asks him why he doesn't just abolish the slave class. Plotwise, there's politics going on, as this is political wuxia and there are Crown Princes in addition to jianghu sect leaders. It was interesting enough that I'll watch another few episodes at least just for Meng Fuyao.

At some point, I should check out Legend of Yangxi Palace, as I've heard lots of good things about it, including comparisons to Nirvana in Fire, and apparently it has female friendships! Alternatively, if I want whump, Bordertown Prodigal has Zhu Yilong's character suffer. (He is very good at looking good when he suffers.)

Of course, a lot of watching time is taken up by the Guardian rewatchalong, which I dedicate maybe 3 hours per week to. (The initial watching is slowed down by pausing for screencaps and note-taking, and then typing it up takes a while.) Icon-making has also made me appreciate everyone's facial shapes more, especially for Bai Yu and the dude playing Lin Jing.

Reading-wise, after bouncing off both Guardian the webnovel and Liu Yao, I have decided to give Priest a third chance with Sha Po Lang ... some time in the future. When I have infinite free time. After I've done some artsing. Maybe on my summer holiday? *g* (I'll be spending the few weeks around Midsummer with relatives in bumfuck nowhere. If there's internet enough, I might have time to read. Of course, I should also read some physical books as well, but...)

Just now, I discovered Thousand Autumns has hopped from Ainushi to elsewhere, so no wonder I haven't seen new chapters! I have six new chapters to go through! \o/

Writing-wise, my greatest problem is that I keep wanting to increase the Earth's axial tilt so that China's winters are dark and summers bright like Finland's. Have some more of the WIP that now measures ~24k and needs another ~14k to completion:
[...] Wei Wuxian accepted a toast to his tactical prowess in planning the charge, then proposed a toast to Sect Leader Jiang for making it all happen and striking the first blow against the Wen.

Jiang Cheng accepted it with an odd expression, the lantern-light casting eerie shadows on his pinched brows and set mouth. For a moment, their eyes locked, and the universe narrowed to just Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng, subordinate and his sect leader. If life were a river, they must have tumbled down a waterfall: never again could they be what they had been. No matter how hard they may paddle upstream, they couldn't ever return to their days of youth.

I guess I'm a fan of water metaphors. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ETA: Have a gif of the Black-Cloaked Envoy's hairstyle! It is an adorable little knot.
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So, after a very hectic week of work featuring lots of overtime, I daydreamed about what sorts of things I'd write for my letter for the 520 Guardian Reverse Exchange (I will totally write a letter of prompts for my author to choose from, because how else am I supposed to do an exchange???), and basically the answer is "porn prompts, cute scenes, plotty plot ideas, all the worldbuilding, and all the worldbuilding, except this time as if it were for a science fiction novel". The latter category includes stuff like relativity.

Assuming Shen Wei were slapped on a relativistic space ship that accelerated at 1 G for 5 000 years, then did some funky gravity assist swing stuff and decelerated at 1 G for 5 000 years more, he'd have from his POV spent 18 years on a relativistic space ship while the rest of the Universe ticked along by 10k years. This is obviously the best solution for reconciling Shen Wei saying he's sought Zhao Yunlan for 10k years yet have him not be an immortal!

(But seriously, someone sing me the song of my people. I would love to have someone take the chance to explain how the Hallows time travel is totally somehow due to the fact that they are e.g. a FTL drive left behind by a more advanced civilization that turned Zhao Yunlan into a tachyonic construct with imaginary mass who could thus break the speed limit and time travel! The pains of wanting science fiction/space AUs that aren't Star Wars or Star Trek based...)

(Guardian rewatch post ep 5 will take another few hours.)
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So, the icon battle left me with the urge to make some more icons, but I didn't want to go to the next phase just yet, so I set my own mini-challenge: 10 icons per episode, starting from episode 1! Here are the icons from episodes 1 to 5, 50 in total. I made them roughly in order, and continued going with each episode until I had 10. Some of them are variants of each other, but there are multiple icons of each SID team member, Shen Wei, the Envoy, and some group/team ones, so I hope you can find something sufficiently pretty to stare at! If you want to use one, I'd be super honored; just leave a comment here.

The icons:
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Textures by [community profile] hiraethe/[personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler/[deviantart.com profile] jyuukoi, [community profile] wolfbane_icons/[personal profile] jordannamorgan, and [livejournal.com profile] tropicalsundae/[livejournal.com profile] sparkling_eye.

More specific texture credits:Read more... )

Should you wish to ask me how I did x icon or y thing in z icon, go ahead! Mini-tutorials will be provided for all interested parties.
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I have now made 47 icons. 3 more icons to go, and I can make an icon post! Ahhhhhh. *goes off to download more icon textures*

Random cultural note: in Finland, the "tickmark" level bookkeeping of make a mark whenever a Thing happens/goes by/is done is tukkimiehen kirjanpito, "log man's accounting", and there one makes a vertical line | for each Thing, and every fifth stroke crosses over the four prior ones diagonally. In China, the equivalent is based on writing the character 正 (which has 5 strokes) stroke by stroke.

I should write up a more substantial post of my "own" some day that isn't just a Guardian recap, but spring is always hard on me. As is life in general. Lots of interesting discussions about characterization possibilities that have highlighted some porn preferences of mine into new relief, and I did mean to write a My Thoughts On Yaoi My Preferences on Top/Bottom Dynamics, D/s, and Agency During Sex, except with a shorter title. Oh, and I still owe [personal profile] chromemuffin a post that's my review of Modao Zushi. And I promised [personal profile] ehyde a post on väki. So much to do, and an offline life so chaotic!
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I've done 10 icons per episode for episodes 1-4! Episode 5 will be next week, after I go through and screencap it. The first 3 people to comment with a number between 1 and 40 inclusive will get to see the icon with that number. (The icon I'm wearing is 03.) I'm also happy to give mini-tutorials on how I did a specific thing on the icon, or link you to any textures I might've used – just ask!

(I think I've gotten at least one of every member of the SID team save Wang Zheng, who hasn't really been properly present. My goal for the eventual 400 icons is that I'll have several of each SID member plus some recurring villains like Zhu Jiu, Ya Qing, and Ye Zun.)
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[personal profile] naye has been spreading the concept of the Sunday Six around DW. The concept is:
a writing thing where, on Sunday, you post six sentences from an unfinished work. It can be a new fic, a new chapter of a WIP, or even something you’re not sure you’ll ever post.

Choose an excerpt from any section (and it doesn’t have to be six sentences) and post it, letting people know what it belongs to or indicating that it’s something you’re working on.

I chose to start with a WIP I intend to continue, so here's a snippet from my currently only WIP, which should hopefully be nonspoilery. (I'm trying to be able to post it onto AO3 blind so that people will be able to watch plot twists, including romantic ones, and not already know what'll happen.) The first ~500 words are available here. If you can magically suggest a title for this, please do; I'm all ears.

While Wen Ning cleaned himself, Wei Wuxian shook his traveling cloak and hung his Jiang sect robes to air. He heard Wen Ning climb out and dress himself. "You can wash your clothes now, Young Master Wei."

Wen Ning had turned away demurely again. Wei Wuxian sighed and lightly scrubbed his underwear and inner robes. He'd rather wear them to bed, though, and there was no clothesline to hang them from, so he'd have to use spiritual energy to dry them – and hopefully not set them on fire. He eyed the clothes and the tub. "Hey, have you ever dried clothes with spiritual energy? How much energy did it take?"

"I can dry them for you!" Wen Ning said. "I've d-done it many t-times!"

"Please, do!" Wei Wuxian said and threw the wet clothes at Wen Ning. They hit him square in the back of the head; he fell forwards. "Sorry, that was unintentional!"
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1. For the final day of SongXiao2019, I wrote a post-canon fic where they get a happily ever after:
Lifespring (1267 words) by ExtraPenguin
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn/Xiǎo Xīngchén
Characters: Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn, Xiǎo Xīngchén
Additional Tags: Happy Ending, Technically a Ranma fusion?, Post-Canon

Song Lan wanders away from the Five Plains into Qinghai and finds the Jusenkyo.

2. I now have 31 Guardian icons for my iconization project, 10 each for episodes 1-3 and one for episode 4. I'll make a post when I reach 50, but for now, here's two teaser icons:

3. Via most recently [personal profile] lynndyre, an AO3 meme!
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Today went decently, despite me not getting enough sleep and my workplace door changing the locks for my office from a key to access card access and only updating the access codes at like 9:30! (I did labwork.) Fandom, I love you. ♥

1. Guardian Episode by Episode: 04 is up, and already has some comments! Watching this one, I noted that episodes 2 and 4 both end at natural stopping points, and I remembered that at least Nirvana in Fire got broadcasted at a rate of two episodes a night, so maybe Guardian is the same, which would explain the pacing? I'll keep this in mind while continuing the rewatch.

2. My fic inspired a Guardian kink poll! \o/ I am thrilled to be such a font of inspiration.

3. There will be a Guardian reverse exchange (you shortlist 3 offers, one of whom is matched to you, instead of leaving it to AO3's RNG) coming up soon! It's called the First Annual Interdimensional Haixing-Dixing 520 Day Reverse Exchange, and I'll take part, even if only to try out the whole concept of reverse exchanges. My offer will probably be very recognizably me, but hey, someone will pick me at least theoretically.

4. SongXiao2019 continues:
The Family We Find (569 words) by ExtraPenguin
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn & Xiǎo Xīngchén
Characters: Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn, Xiǎo Xīngchén
Additional Tags: Gentleness, Ficlet

A drunk Xiao Xingchen brings up the topic of family with a tipsy Song Lan.

Go me! It's a little ficlet, but I wrote it, and it's done.
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1. I finished the problematic bit and wrapped up the following scene as well in one of the WIPs I was blocked on!

2. I also wrote a ficlet for the SongXiao2019 event:
How Beautiful the Moon Tonight (847 words) by ExtraPenguin
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn/Xiǎo Xīngchén
Characters: Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn, Xiǎo Xīngchén
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Ficlet

All swords were given names, of course, and that was the only engraving on the metal. In addition to that, however, would appear what was called the "ghost script" – a second set of characters on the reverse.

The ghost script could be the name of a sword, another weapon, or perhaps a person. Whatever the characters referred to, they would lead to Song Lan's soulmate.

Event ad on Twitter. I originally only planned on participating on the final day – I have an idea already! – but I went fuck it and decided I'll write some ficlets. It's only three days, I can write three ficlets in a row. Even if tomorrow's prompts are a bit orthogonal to antithetical to my interests, I can surely write some happy family-related stuff. (There will be zero farewells/sad things and absolutely no modern AUs on my watch.)
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Today, I took a shortcut over the lake. It's frozen solid, but Google Maps (by which I've been navigating in this new city) assumes lakes are liquid. I think it's been over a decade since I regularly went on natural ice? It was nice, and saved me like 10 minutes of walking, 10/10 will do again.

If the muse is late, start without her. That was the principle that made me sit down and write Iguana Festival, which proved that yes, I can still write things! I can still be funny and entertaining and complete stories in one sitting! (My two current WIPs are sort of stalled in places where the next bits that need to happen are things I'm not that enthused by writing, so coupled with the sense of bleh I've been experiencing, I haven't been motivated. Waking up to lots of comment notifs in my inbox was very heartening! ♥

The icon battle is still running until 6th of April, but I submitted all my icons already and am still taking screencaps for the rewatchalong full of iconization opportunities, so I'm doing my own minichallenge of an extra ten icons per episode, and I'm not allowed to start the icons for round two (episodes 11-20) until round one is over. So far, I have 10 icons each for episodes 1 and 2, plus one icon for episode 4. Once I have 50 (10 each for eps 1-5) I'll make an icon post and link to the comm. I'm keeping an imgur album with links to the textures used, buuut imgur has the habit of delinkifying links by adding spaces, which is annoying. Nevertheless, I'll deal. Some icons I'm bleh about, some (like this one!) I'm proud of. I've played around with layer modes and layer masks, and slapped text hilarious and angsty onto things. The Hanyi Senty free Chinese fonts have been super useful for the occasions when I want to slap some hanzi on an icon. (I now have a better font collection for Chinese than for Latin, lol. Though since they all advertise having 拉丁字母 as well, perhaps I could just use the Chinese fonts for all my text writing? Testing it out, I could even write Finnish with the fonts, because they have all of Latin-1, but not pinyin with the tone marks, because e.g. ǎ and ā are missing.)
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Still mentally bleh, so time to resurrect a not-quite-forgotten meme!

24. A song by a band you wish were still together

...okay, I'm sort of cheating, because Nightwish is still together, but they've changed singer twice, bassist once, and drummer sort of. Anyway, this is a lovely, soothing song. Linked is the original 1999 version; today I learned that they re-recorded it in 2005, but I prefer the original. (Someone by the name of Maria Lund has also released a Finnish version, which is nice, but she changed the backing track as well, which is less to my tastes.)

In case any of you have been living under a rock, [community profile] sid_guardian is hosting a friending meme!

Guardian Friending Meme

镇魂 | Guardian Friending Meme
So: welcome, new people! I may or may not post something someday. As I said in my comment there (I can't believe I got the first one!) I live in "Dixing except cold"; winters we are shrouded in the darkness, and summers the bloody Sun never sets, making time, sleep, and sanity illusions. We're headed into one of the short periods of time being real. I am one of those rare people who loves the darkness and loathes the light, so I like it when the Sun sleeps. Does Dixing have any employment opportunities? *g*
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1. Guardian rewatchalong, episode 3 is now up! Please do some engagement with it.

2. My working environment does not bring me joy. My "office" is a piece of what was originally meant to be a conference/lecture room of some stripe, my back is to the door, and my desk seems to be of a design that maximizes wasted space. Monday will have to be about redecoration; I think I can rotate my desk 90° and have the power cable still reach...

3. Perhaps relatedly, I am a bit zzz and bleh. Thankfully, it's Friday?
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I participated in the icon battle (1 icon per episode) hosted by [personal profile] tinny; 4 rounds, all of which are still ongoing. Originally, I was going to sit on this post until round 1 of the battle was due, but since [personal profile] teaotter posted theirs already, I decided I might as well – additional promotion of the icon battle! Here's my offering for Round 1 (one icon per episode, episodes 1-10), in compilation image format:

I gave in to my urge to tl;dr about what I did; if you just want the pretty pictures, click here.

icons introduced individually, plus prattle on the creative process )

In my journey, in addition to the luminosity mask tutorial, the rest of gimp.org's photo editing tutorials should be worh a second look (esp. the B&W conversion one). Other interesting tutorials for those who wish to start into icon-making are this tutorial on making black-and-white icons, and this tutorial introduced me to doing some dodging and burning on a separate midtone gray layer set to overlay (nondestructive dodge/burning)!

other icons )

I just wanted the pretty icons dammit )
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Once upon a time, [personal profile] asya_ana wrote a (locked) post titled "Songs that Make Me Think of Guardian"; yours truly replied with a list of songs. Here's some of them, presented in order to sort of make a coherent Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan narrative. Mostly stuff that falls under the umbrella of rock or metal, for that's what my musical tastes run towards. Have fun listening!

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Welcome to episode 2 of the Guardian rewatchalong! I'm traveling over the weekend, so I pushed this one up. The journal of hosting has changed by [community profile] sid_guardian mods' request, so subsequent ones shall be hosted here at Chez ExtraPenguin.

The icon battle is still a-chugging, with linked screencap posts. This post has notes on characterization, mostly, plus canon details and cinematography porn. As well as an associated imgur screencap album!

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I posted Episode 1 of the Guardian rewatchalong yesterday! Engagement has happened. I'm also participating in the associated icon battle, for which I have made icons for the first 6 episodes already, yay! (I'm doing much more heavily edited icons-as-art icons where it's clear some editing has happened, instead of my usual icons-as-screenshot icons where the aim is to seem as if it's a screenshot, even if I have had to edit out the Youku logo, a few distracting windows, and do some truly bizarre shit to the background to make it less attention-grabbing. Also making a few more traditionally ExtraPenguin icons along the way, like this post's one.)

Flu status: recovering. Should be OK on Monday. Today, I ate half a liter of ice-cream completely spontaneously.

Writing-wise, my Modao Zushi WIP (first ~500 words shared here) now clocks at a whopping 19.3k of continuous words, according to gedit's word counter! (AO3 would put it at at least 17k, I suppose.) The outline has 14 scenes more, which will be perhaps 1k each, and I'll have to edit one bit of already-written scene pretty extensively (translation updated, contradicted me) and either add a scene there also or change another few scenes to make the information release to payoff distance more satisfying. Blarp. At least I have an initial quote and an endquote with which to bookend the fic, even if I don't know which way around they should go...

Space Swap fic will happen next weekend, when I have enough brain to come up with a plot. Recip prompted for something pretty similar to the initial idea I had when I saw the matching e-mail, and has a nice set of likes, so it should be easy enough to come up with something appealing.

After my assignment and my eternity project (I started the WIP last autumn, though took a 4-month break during it), I'll write some Guardian! Perhaps a shorter thing before I write a Guardian longfic thing. Anyway, here's a random assortment of ideas:

Present-day scene in which Zhao Yunlan encounters Shen Wei's nonhuman dick, gives a blowjob. Time travel scene in which bb Shen Wei encounters Zhao Yunlan's unexpectedly human dick, freaks out.

Alternative identity reveal
Zhao Yunlan manages to have a one-night stand with Shen Wei. Later in the week, he manages to get in position to give the Black-Cloaked Envoy a blowjob ... and when he gets his hands on the Envoy's backside, he says, "Why, Professor Shen, I'd recognize that ass anywhere."

In addition to the Hallows, there is another way to get out of the Pillar: fucking (accepting the essence?) of the Lord of the Guardians. Cue lots of arguments between Zhao Yunlan's parents over WTF that glowy spirit dude is doing at the table, he's a bad influence on Yunlan, maybe you should retire then, Xinci, if it's part of the job, etc. When Zhao Yunlan succeeds the iguanafied interim chief, he now has to deal with his sex life stalling out due to being shadowed by a whiny Ye Zun.

More crack
Shen Wei discovers a list of things Zhao Yunlan is into that Zhu Hong made. He filches it, because Kunlun deserves only the best sex. Zhao Yunlan has to explain that all those things, he only said to get the rest of his dad's subordinates out, please take that iguana costume off now.

Vaccinate your children
Because vaccines didn't exist 10k years ago, Ye Zun catches measles (or something else that can get him hospitalized in a coma but which the humans are immune to) when he comes out of his pillar. Zhao Yunlan takes him to hospital, discovers that he's Shen Wei's twin brother, organizes a vaccination regimen for the SID's Dixingians, and holds vigil at Ye Zun's bedside on Shen Wei's behalf. Then they manage to convince the Regent to hold a vaccination programme in Dixing, since they've had to tell several doctors more about its existence, and they support Dixing having hospitals as well. Eventually, Ye Zun recovers, after some months of being wan and exhausted.
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Today's Fopinions February is for [personal profile] krait, on the topic of how I got into Nirvana in Fire. If I am incoherent, it is because I am sick and probably running a fever.

In short, I saw [personal profile] schneefink chat about it on my reading list during 2016*, then in 2017, decided to check it out. I was perhaps in a bit of a creative rut that Yuletide after completing my assignment, and was well-placed to check out a new canon. Subtitles have never been a problem for me – I grew up with them, watching Animal Planet Finland, where all the audio was in English and it was thus subtitled into Finnish – and neither are non-mine cultures (I get inundated with American stuff all the time, for one), so I gave it a try. And I was hooked! And now I'm studying Chinese... It has been a nice journey, even if I didn't write that much fic because audiovisual canons rarely hold my attention, compared to text-based fandoms.

I also found a NIF Discord, somehow (Tumblr might've been involved?), and through there got into more Chinese-origin fandoms (oh hi, Modao Zushi!), but the way I got into Guardian was the same as the way I got into NIF: I saw people chat about it on my reading list, then watched it all waiting for Yuletide sign-ups to go out.

* FFA might've been abuzz about it in Nov 2017 as well, but IIRC they only got to it later.
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Today is one of those "bottom of the bed" days. Boo flu! It hit me like a brick wall, too, though given how my flus usually go, I should be back up on Friday or Saturday at latest.

My tangyuan have been delayed to ... maybe tomorrow at earliest. I'll try to put together the Fopinions February on NIF today, but that might be delayed as well. My preliminary Guardian cast list is all done, save Bo Bi, so that might actually appear today, if I have the wherewithal to watch anything. Guardian episode-by-episode posts, episode 1, will come over the weekend.

In the meanwhile, I have nice tea (Fengqing Dragon Pearl!), lots of oranges, and at least 6 meals' worth of food ready + the ingredients for the next large batch in the freezer. Does anyone remember what the recommendations for fevers were – should I wrap up warm and overheat, or try to remain at a comfortable temperature, or what?
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This Fopinions February is for [personal profile] delight, and originally meant to be on the 16th, but I had to be out of town for the weekend, so it comes late. Happy late birthday, delight's dog!

I currently live in an apartment where pets are forbidden, but I don't really care that much; may the pet-allowing apartments be for people who have/want to have pets. We never had pets per se while I was growing up – unlike all the neighbors, who had dogs – and I never wanted any, either. Partly I suppose it's not wanting to wake up to walk a dog and thinking "oh no what if I step on a cat"; partly I suppose being too recently off the farm in some respects. (Dogs are for hunting and cats are mousers. What are these housepets you speak of?) All in all, I am pet-neutral: I don't seek one out, but neither do I loathe them.

However! I did spend a lot of time with horses, which I really enjoyed. They're large and one can do stuff with them, from on top as well as from the ground. It's really clear why they were OP war machines back in the day, especially when one is riding a smart, athletic, and responsive one. They are also very expensive and time consuming, and I am currently not-rich and lazy.

Further into the realm of non-traditional pets, I have occasionally thought about getting a reptile of some sort, like a snake, but again: lazy. Even if a snake would be a nice noodle who doesn't require being taken for walks, merely a UV lamp to bask on and some food every now and then. However, I won't be in a place where I can sit down and expect to stay in the house for a decade plus (or even half that), so that's all best left in the realm of daydreams. (Especially given that I might need to move internationally, and importing snakes is not something I want to figure out the bureaucracy for.)

But fear not – I have a plush shark a meter long. Very good for hugging!


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