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With regards to things that must be done sometime but not now, I am a human disaster zone. At least I have lots of friends I can ask favors from, and that is the story of how I am actually going to be able to do Worldcon in a proper fashion rather than commute back and forth from my current location. (Technically doable, but deeply unpleasant.)

I am practicing some singing techniques to help with vocal stamina whilst instructing the newbies at work. Also trying to figure out where my "relaxed vocal vibration" point is – turns out it's quite low! Attempting to reconnect with it and rebuild my voice around it. (My Finnish is closer; my English is inexplicably a few semitones higher.)

Coronation Ceremony's sign-ups are done (my least favorite part of running any exchanges: waiting for the countdowns to finish so I can move to the next stage), and everyone was matchable! I even successfully massaged some loose ends into the loop! Now, I look at my assignment and try to recover my writing urge. It's mostly a question of attitude + letting the proto-ideas percolate. As an aside, I always let AO3's random come up with an assignment for me when I'm modding – it makes for a way more interesting experience!

But tomorrow, I'm off to a friend's – so I need to pack for the weekend. It'll be the most north I've been by 33.5' N – about 60-odd km, if I'm doing the math right. Well north of 60, in any case. I must pack.

(One day I'll visit the polar night. One day, I promise myself.)

(Visiting south of 60°N is all well and good, but even my current 61-and-a-bit is a bit surprisingly southern for a place to live. (What can I say? I like my winters long and dark.) If only there were any potential jobs in my field near, idk, Iisalmi. That seems to be close enough to The South that it's possible to go there if necessary (albeit not as a day trip), and a small enough place to be chill. OTOH, my parents still own my childhood home #1 near here. It's in a valley. Maybe that'd be enough. Maybe I just have to find a job in my field in ... Canada?)
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