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Some SF classics that I've missed (like, all the women authors save Le Guin, whose The Left Hand of Darkness I seriously bounced off of) are freely available online! I'll make this a semi-regular feature, since why the hell not. Minor spoilers in the cuts.

Today, it's James Tiptree, Jr (Alice Sheldon) time.

Love is the Plan the Plan is Death is a rather litficcy short story. The alien biology was interesting, and that's what I most liked about it. I suppose that it would've been different for someone who hadn't guessed that our narrator was not to become a Mother, but rather Father, but the plot – if one could call it that – was underwhelming. Given Tiptree, I wonder whether it's all supposed to be a metaphor for something, but I am but a penguin with Asperger's, and thus wouldn't figure it out.

The Women Men Don't See is ... hard to describe. The specfic doesn't hit in until the end. Our protagonist spends the entire story trying to figure out the Parsons, and keeps not-getting it. I suppose that the point was that men are alien monsters and the Parsons already live amongst them, so sodding off with aliens was no big deal? Agh, a headache.

All in all, more confusing than anything and not especially meaty by themselves. Very litficcy and mostly up to interpretation.


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