9 Jan 2017

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Today: teriyaki chicken, mushrooms, pineapple, and paprika. Trying to get some more veg into my diet, so I bought a bottle of teriyaki sauce, 700g of small-sliced chicken, 6 large mushrooms, a can of pineapple chunks, and a paprika.

Chicken: fry in a deep pan in copious teriyaki souce (I spilled in half the bottle oops) with a lid until done.

Mushrooms: remove stems and chop into 4 one way and 2 the other way, then fry in teriyaki sauce for some time, then dump onto the chicken in the other pan. I managed to magically guess the absolute correct time and got the most perfectest mushrooms ever. I think I fried on both sides so that it was all teriyaki-color and not white? idk.

Paprika: chop up only half of it because you are a disorganized mess (chunk size about the same as mushroom slice size), then toss in with a new batch of teriyaki sauce into the pan recently vacated by the mushrooms.

Pineapple: drain the chunks (mine were in juice, so I drained it into a glass) and then toss in with the paprika because you're hungry and just want for food to be ready dammit. Maybe add teriyaki sauce if there's a lack of it. Fry until they look like they might be coated and then some. Dump paprika and pineapple onto the chicken, too.

End result: chicken's decent, mushrooms are amazing, paprika and pineapple are a bit sweet – inbuilt dessert of sorts. I served mine over fullgrain rice noodles, which didn't really work – I think this'd need something more along the lines of glass noodles. I'll try leftovers on long-grain rice tomorrow.

Oh, and I think I generated 3 4 portions. (3 me-portions, that is. I eat like a horse. 4 other-people portions?)

EDIT: It's much better over rice!


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