28 Jan 2017

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Brain chemistry first: The past few ... months? I've been having trouble motivating myself to get out of bed and do things. I can kick myself and willpower it, but I would like for it to be easier. Also better in the long term to do the things and not just lie in bed and live in my head. I have no idea if this is a depression thing, an Asperger's thing, or a regular person thing. Advice appreciated.
(Note that this is an ExtraPenguin form of doing nothing/failing, which is: succeed in the most important things (academic stuff), having trouble getting some extra stuff done, and feeling wangsty. I want to feel more productive and less bzuh. No need to worry about me ending up beneath a bridge or whatever.)

Time: a thing I need more of. Sleep as well. Now, part of it is that the current period is the busiest this year, and I have a large assignment hanging over me, so some stress.

Also, gender continues to be confusing. On the one hand, a support group would be nice; on the other hand, I don't feel like gazing into my own navel and thinking about such things. On the gripping hand, it's not like I have time. Idk.

So. I'm alive. I'm busy. Hi.

And I've decided to do an art a day. Currently going through PileofSith's AU generator.
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