7 Feb 2017

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In my quest to document every piece of Trinary of the Uplift saga, I came across David Brin's website. I then began to read.

Previously, I thought Mr. Brin was but a typical dude SF author, with the occasional good idea and an undercurrent of sexism – albeit a cut above the rest in storytelling. (Startide Rising is one of my favorite books. The first few chapters of The Postman bored me to tears until I quit.)

Now, I discover that my estimation of Dr. Brin has gone up. (This is a rare occurrence.) He has some downright encouraging and heartening advice for beginning writers. His SF reads section contains recs for stuff that teaches science. I agree with his views, as expressed in his criticism of Star Wars, the writerly advice linked above, and elsewhere. His blog reveals a mind that has given thought to the current US political situation from a perspective slightly outside the fandom norm.

(And, indeed, it is nice to know that there are people who agree with me in that we must do what is the most efficient way to achieve our goals, not what makes us feel the best. In the long term, there is only realpolitik and idiocy.)

And finally, a quote from "Aficionado":
# If you're great at leaping -- bite the sun! #


extrapenguin: Photo of horse's head (Default)

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