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I have, on a whim, decided to sign up for Trick or Treat. Here's the letter. Happy writing!


Hello, I am [archiveofourown.org profile] ExtraPenguin on AO3, and this is my Trick or Treat letter. This is based on the large letter.txt file I keep that details all of my prompts, so if anything looks TOO LONG, that's why. I'm not trying to passive-aggressively corner you into writing 20k; 301 words of something vaguely adjacent to my prompts or likes is perfectly fine.

If none of these prompts speak to your soul, feel free to look at any prompts I might've provided for these fandoms and characters in previous exchange letters.

If you are a stray artist, looking for a thing to draw, I'd be thrilled by an art treat! I'm not signed up to get one as my main gift because I am frankly shit at prompting for art, and it wouldn't feel fair to any artist who matched to me.


Competence porn, lovingly crafted exposition, plot/casefic, happy endings, generic nerdery, Big Ideas SF, sensawunda, that emotion that comes with having things click in place, exhileration, Shown Their Work details, tea


Humiliation, embarrassment, incest, explicit Christianity from main/"good" characters, anal bacteria etc being given the chance to visit a mouth, violence to fingers or eyes, permanent disability, present tense, things focusing on parenthood/interpretable as "mommy propaganda", pure introspection/character study/slice of life, negative outcomes for horses

Formatwise, I am okay with the classic fic format and 3rd person past. (If you want to intersperse it with, like, epic poetry, go ahead.)

Oh, and the PWP stuff is here.


Vorkosigan saga - Lois McMaster Bujold (Treat or Trick, Fanfic)

Gregor Vorbarra
Gregor! What I'd really be interested in is the fine vintage of angst that is The Vor Game -era Gregor. How does he recover, post-TVG? Did he get into any sexy tight situations between running away and Miles discovering him? What was it like, being kept prisoner by Cavilo? What if Cavilo had succeeded in one of her plans, either giving Gregor over to the Cetagandans or becoming Empress of Barrayar?

Simon Illyan
In the same vein as the above, I would enjoy some psychological Simon whump: being "psychologically evaluated" by Negri, being used as a toy by Ezar, something delightfully codependent and fucked-up with Gregor, his loyalty to Aral or any of the previously mentioned people fucking him up...
I would also enjoy competence porn: Simon organizing a thing very competently, at any point of his career!

Alys Vorpatril
Alys saving the Imperium! Do someone's manners, dress, and behavior provide some all-important clue to an ongoing ImpSec investigation? Does she manage to finesse a diplomat impeccably?

Ships I ship, involving the above characters: Simon/Alys, Simon/Gregor, Simon/Aral, Simon/Ezar, Simon/Negri (Yes, Simon is my bicycle. Shh.)
NOTPs involving the above characters: Gregor/Miles, Simon/Miles, Simon/Ivan, Alys/Ivan

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison (Treat, Fanfiction)

Vedero Drazhin
Vedero studies the stars. What drew her to it? Has she discovered anything? How does she study them? What does she think when she's up on that rooftop by herself? Is there much light pollution near Cetho?
What are her salons like? (Does Kiru participate? Csethiro? Any of the other named female characters?) How closely interlinked are her and Dach'osmin Tativin's researches and the local academia? Is she mentoring anyone? Does she have a mentor?
(Please, no issuefic/excessive dwelling on hardships she's suffered.)

Honor Harrington series - David Weber (Treat, Fanfiction)

Honor Harrington
I would very much appreciate anything from the intersection of "Honor Harrington" and "competence porn"! Space adventures, setting up stuff on Grayson, her activities in the Society for Creative Anachronism...

Michelle Henke
How did she find being Honor's exec? What did she think of Honor, back when they were roomies at the Academy? Any entertaining tales from Talbott – or elsewhere from her travels?

Yes, I ship them. Feel free to pretend Honor's canon romantic entanglements did not happen, and/or instead substitute a relationship between these two.

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