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Shadow work: the reason why you're so exhausted. Essentially, in addition to whatever work one actually does, one is expected to be a cashier, gas station attendant, etc. in this era of tossing customer service responsibilities on the customer.

Stuff that's happened since last update: I have come out to my parents via e-mail. They were ... well, imagine a pair of clueless cishets trying to be supportive.

Also, my period came, and now suddenly the thought of transitioning seems too much effort. (I'd have to ... talk to people!) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ IDEK. Still on the masculine end of human-ness, still wishing for a slightly more angular face and not fond of my own boobs, but femininity is now more of an "I'll pass, thanks" than a "NOPENOPENOPE TAKE IT AWAAAAAYYY". Perhaps more gender apathy than anything. What felt like the end of the world is now a mild annoyance. Still gonna go to the gym and work on my upper body more regularly.

I feel slightly embarrassed about having no idea what the fuck I'm doing, but let's see what happens. Does this repeat? Under which circumstances? Is it a summer thing? Some other thing? I shall apply my scientist's curiosity to this as well. If one day I feel like this>/a>, well, I've done my research.

I finished my listen of Battle Beast's discography.
Bringer of Pain has a new songwriting team, but the end result is similar (upbeat-ish power metal) and also good. I liked Straight to the Heart, King for a Day, Familiar Hell, and Dancing with the Beast. I have a slightly sore throat, and singing along to all of these probably hasn't helped. :P

Do people enjoy me reccing music to them? Who cares, I've got a Music Monday Meme tag, and everything there is a rec! Also collecting stuffs for next year's Jukebox, bit by bit.

Also, the original torus Earth.

Date: 2017-07-21 21:58 (UTC)
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My sympathies about the uuuuuuuurgh gender feelings.


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