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Hello, I am [archiveofourown.org profile] ExtraPenguin on AO3, and this is my Yuletide letter. I started writing it in January (and in general have obsessed too much over it), so I hope you can find at least something useful for you in it! :P Try to have fun?

In General

If none of this year's prompts speak to your soul, feel free to look at any prompts I might've provided for these fandoms and characters in previous exchange letters.

POV/tensewise, please no 1st person present, 1st person past, or 3rd person present tense narrative. The "default" of 3rd person past is fine. (If 2nd person or any other nonstandard tense-mood is what makes best sense for your fic – go ahead.)

Formatwise, I am okay with the classic fic format and 3rd person past. For The Long Earth, feel free to write an encyclopedia entry/do a logs-of-the-expedition thing/whatever feels best, but for others, I'd appreciate most of it being in the basic fic format. (If you want to intersperse it with, like, epic poetry, go ahead.)


Competence porn, long passages of well-crafted exposition, plot/casefic, thrillers and other misc intrigue (cozy and not), happy endings, generic nerdery and science feels, Big Ideas SF, sensawunda, that emotion that comes with having things click in place, exhileration, Shown Their Work details, tea

I tend to prefer fics that are about an (external) thing happening (eg. There is an engineering malfunction!) more than fics that are about a trope (eg. Accidental Baby Acquisition or what-have-you). I appreciate this can be a fuzzy line to tread, but I hope this helps you in your ficcraft.


Humiliation, embarrassment, incest, Christianity, anal bacteria etc being given the chance to visit a mouth, violence to fingers or eyes, noncanonical permanent disability or the acquiring of such, present tense, things focusing on parenthood/interpretable as "mommy propaganda", pure introspection/character study/slice of life, animal harm (especially negative outcomes for horses)


The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison Vedero Drazhin

Vedero studies the stars. What drew her to it? How does she study them? Has she discovered anything? What does she think when she's up on that rooftop by herself? Is there much light pollution near Cetho?

What are her salons like? (Does Kiru participate? Csethiro? Any of the other named female characters?) How closely interlinked are her and Dach'osmin Tativin's researches and the local academia? Is she mentoring anyone? Does she have a mentor? A particularly inspiring (female) role model, either historical or mythical? Opinions on astronomical lore?

Also welcome: Vedero/Csethiro. Does Vedero enjoy the company of the new Empress? Teach her about stargazing and astronomy? Make-outs on the rooftop beneath the stars?

Note: please don't dwell on the hardships she's suffered due to being a woman in a sexist society; I'm looking for feels on astronomy and science, not issuefic.

The Long Earth series - Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

So: how is Longness determined? What makes it happen? Is Venus Long? Are there any other Martians currently alive? Feel free to write anything worldbuildy on the premise – a detailed study of Earth West n and its biome, something on Mars or Venus and the description of such, 1000 words of OC scientist squeeing about leaves with copious exposition etc. Does a government sponsor an expedition to Earth East Squintillion/Mars West Whatever? Or perhaps a catch-up on turtle world, or radioactive dinosaur ruins, or any of the other interesting worlds we've seen (preferrably not dog-world). Feel free to make up any amount of OCs, though please don't focus on any Next.

Uplift saga - David Brin Creideiki

I really love the OTT space opera hijinks! I'd most be interested in reading about Creideiki & co's galactic escape adventure. How do they reach Earth? Or perhaps something about the hunch that had Creideiki go investigate the shallow cluster? Or something about dealing with galactic bureaucracy? Dolphins: I love them. The more focus on the dolphins, the better. Trinary is cool. My second-most-beloved character's Hikahi, and I like Creideiki/Hikahi. And Keepiru! (The humans and chimp with them, not all that much.) If your heart desires Tursiops erotica, that is a thing whose inclusion I'm on-board with.

Note: please don't dwell excessively on Creideiki's head injury. Mentions are fine if relevant, but please no misery porn or a fic focusing on it.

Vorkosigan saga - Lois McMaster Bujold Simon Illyan, Alys Vorpatril

The Simon And Alys Show! (I ship it.) Something where Simon and Alys get to work together and take on the world, either post-retirement (diplomatic mission to Eta Ceta/Escobar/Beta/Earth?) or during any other point in canon (dealing with some sort of crisis during the Regency/Gregor's adulthood?) Just something where something happens, and both Simon and Alys get to be useful, and it ends happily for them. (It can end very badly for the Jacksonian assasin squad.) Simon and Alys Take On The World FTW.

Or, should an overwhelming sensation of /o\ hit you, having only one of them is fine. Alys passing on her social knowledge and training her successor Laisa (and Ekaterin, and Delia, and Cordelia) with optional political thriller antics? Fucked-up loyalty kink Simon/Aral (or Simon/Ezar, or Simon/Negri) where Simon's devotion eats him up in a very unhealthy way?

Note: please don't dwell excessively on Simon's head injury thing. Mentions are fine if relevant, but please no misery porn or a fic focusing on it.

Yoko Tsuno (Comics) Khâny, Yoko Tsuno

Femslash space adventures? :3 I'd love to have something about Yoko visiting Vinéa and aiding Khâny in either her quest to find all the rest of the lost Vinéan colonies, or get Vinéa's ecosystem working, or revisit places we've already been to! Stuff like "what's up with Hégora?" Alternatively, does Khâny come visit Earth? What happened to the half-human, half-Vinéan gengineered kid? Does Yoko get to use her skills as an electrical engineer? How does the Vinéan tech work?

Or, worldbuilding! What was Vinéa like before its sun went nova? (Does Khâny tell Yoko of her childhood? Do her parents?) What oddball cultures have popped up in the meanwhile? Who were the people who built the magnetic fence and other things that made life on Vinéa possible? How alien are the Vinéans? (If your mind wanders to xeno, that is another thing whose inclusion I'm on-board with.)


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